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Learn how to make money on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks at the moment, so it represents a business opportunity. Not everyone can make a living from the networks, but making money on Instagram is not impossible.

We present a very simple guide to monetizing your activity on Instagram.

 In what ways can you make money on Instagram?

First of all, you should consider which alternatives for earning money best fit your profile. Each of these possibilities is conditioned to a series of factors.

1. Selling own products

Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting products. Thanks to promoted posts and ads in general, you can drive your followers to sales pages.

If you don’t know how to do it, read this simple guide on how to Buy Instagram Followers in Malaysia.

Nowadays, many businesses (especially freelancers and SMEs) have the ability to create or order products after receiving an order. If this is the case, Instagram is a useful tool for quick ordering, either through ads, stories, or posts.

2. Selling third-party products

If an account already has a considerable number of followers, it is possible to receive proposals for collaboration with brands and companies. How are these collaborations carried out?

Mentions on Instagram

Earning money with mentions on Instagram, either in videos or by tagging in posts, can be profitable depending on the products the content creator or influencer works with.

In some cases, sponsored content could involve a periodic payment, and, in other situations, it would only be seasonal or for special events.

Affiliate Marketing

A modality of this second alternative is affiliate marketing. In this case, the level of income will depend on the sales made.

This implies a higher level of commitment from whoever manages the Instagram account, but at the same time, the opportunity to work with more people or businesses without the need to establish rigorous contracting conditions.

3. Selling own services

If your business consists of in-person services such as legal advice, makeup, gastronomy, or transportation, Instagram can also be an opportunity to get more sales.

In any case, the promotion strategy must be aligned with the objectives of the marketing plan.

4. Selling own digital services

Thanks to technology, the geographical separation between buyers and sellers is becoming smaller and smaller.

For this reason, selling services that you can provide through the Internet is another of the most profitable options to make a living from the networks.

A practical way to find customers is by using tags or identifying key terms for geographic, thematic, or even temporal segmentation. For example:

  • “logo design in”,
  • “creation of websites for hotel companies”,
  • “Online English classes during the summer”.

5. Selling services of other brands and companies

The experience received by one person may be different from that of others, so a subjective review can damage the reputation of an account on Instagram.

For this reason, before earning money through Instagram and making a living from the networks with this method, it is advisable to evaluate the trajectory of the potential partner brand, its target audience, and, above all, the contracting conditions.

How to make money with Instagram directly?

Each of the strategies presented so far makes us money on Instagram indirectly.

We now present you with direct alternatives that may be more profitable for you. What are they?

1. Offering exclusive content

For now, it is only available to users in the United States who are of legal age and have more than 10,000 followers. Another group of countries is eligible to participate, however, they require an invitation.

If you want to opt for this possibility, remember that at Amedia Social you can buy 10,000 Instagram followers quickly and safely.

2. With Reels Play Bonus

To monetize viral videos based on views. Once you have reached $100 or more, you will be able to withdraw your income from the platform. To find out if your account is eligible, you can check this information.

3. Selling NFT

For now, the platform allows displaying collectibles and linking cryptocurrencies for users from different parts of the world, but the sale of NFT will soon be available.

Admittedly, you should be familiar with these Internet ‘tokens’, but it presents yet another opportunity to leverage Instagram for profit.

Why should you buy likes for Instagram?

At Amedia Social we are experts in social media growth and have years of experience offering services for Instagram.

For this reason, we explain some reasons why it is advisable to buy ‘likes’ for your publications.

1. Improve your image

Achieving a good image is vital for any brand and, in terms of social networks, the number of followers and likes is proportional to the image.

By increasing your Instagram likes you will project an image of success and relevance. In other words: a post with 1,000 is much more attractive to users than one with 100.

2. Beat the Instagram algorithm

Secondly, buying likes is a simple way to ‘beat’ Instagram’s algorithm. The more likes a post has -and we are also talking about stories and reels-the more numbers it will have to appear first in the feed of your followers.

This works especially in the first few hours of the post’s ‘life’. For that reason, we have a system of Instagram auto-likes that appear automatically after publishing new posts.

3. Builds confidence

In social media, numbers mean trust. If your posts have more ‘likes’, both competitors and users (followers and potential followers) will see you as a solid company.

4. Grow according to your needs

Of course, it is possible to experience organic growth on Instagram, but the process is much slower and more expensive. A complete organic strategy includes ad campaigns, interacting regularly with your followers, and posting on a regular basis,…

Even so, no one can guarantee that all that effort will lead to significant growth.

5. Saves time and money

All the time spent on organic growth can be converted into minutes with buying likes. The results will take only a few hours to appear, depending on the volume of new ‘likes’.

In this way, you can focus on offering the best possible content and building the loyalty of all those users who are attracted by the new interactions.

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