How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay: Outline, Example?

What is the format and Structure of writing the five-paragraph essay?


The five-paragraph essay is the most simple and the most basic structure for the essay. And it is used to write the basic type of essays. And because it is the simplest structure and is used for beginners, there will be no complexity in this essay. It is used for structuring all the basic level papers. And if you are finding it hard or having any difficulty in writing the five-paragraph essay then by the end of this blog you will understand completely how to write it with the help of an example. But let’s start with its definition.

Five-Paragraph Essay:

The five-paragraph essay is self-explanatory from its name. There are five paragraphs in this kind of essay where the first is an introduction, the next three are body paragraphs for supporting the thesis. And the last paragraph is the conclusion of it. There are some other names for this essay too like the three-tier essay or the hamburger.

These types of essays are not for higher-study students. And because of the length of the essay, this essay is also used for making the school kids practice writing essays. Or to write essays on a very short and concise topic. And only the school students usually write this and they take help from any service provider if they are in Dubai then finding Essay Writing Services in Dubai will help the students.  So, let’s talk about the process of how to write a five-paragraph essay.

Process to Write the five-paragraph essay:

Firstly, you should know about the thesis of the essay.  Or you can say that the point in which the whole essay will revolve around. And you should also know what you want to convey to the readers. And what is the information that will help your thesis to support and make it a strong essay?

The teachers will give you the thesis and if they didn’t then you should choose the one on which you think that enough data to write a five-paragraph essay. And after grabbing the information start writing the five-paragraph essay. So, let’s take a look at the format of the essay.

Formatting of the five-paragraph Essay:

Like I mentioned above that the start of the essay will be the introduction. So, let’s start exploring it.


The start of the five-paragraph essay is from the introduction paragraph. And the first line of this paragraph is a broad point of view about the topic. Or it could be a general statement. And in the next sentence, the writer put his thesis and tells the reader what is his topic. And why is he writing this essay? So, the next two sentences are for supporting the thesis and this will complete the introduction paragraph.

Body paragraphs:

After putting the thesis in front of the reader and supporting the sentences, now it is time to prove the concept. Or your point of view based on the information you gathered. And put all the important and relevant information about the thesis in it. These three are the most important paragraphs of the whole five-paragraph essay. Because it is the section. Where you have to make the reader satisfied with the information that you provide with the perfect evidence.

All three paragraphs should start with a sentence that engages the reader as well as remember the main thesis of the essay. The first sentence could be anything related to the thesis in general. And these are the sentences that you have to try to make the reader comfortable to read the whole essay. And then the whole paragraphs will be full of information, value, and the reason why you presented this thesis.

The details could be the data, stats, facts, and figures that you gathered related to the topic of the essay. While writing the five-paragraph essay you should keep in mind that you don’t have to add irrelevant information to it. Because the length of the essay is very small.  And if you add irrelevant information to it. Then the reader will leave the essay.


The conclusion part of the five-paragraph essay should contain all the important points for the essay. And you don’t need to add extra stats, data, or anything new in this paragraph. And there is no need of writing a new important point here. Conclude all the important things that you mention above and write the summary. And give the reader some important things. So, it will help them.

Example of the Five-paragraph essay:

if we talk about the example of the five-paragraph essay the above section of formatting is the perfect example of it. How? Because if you see and focus on the first paragraph of the formatting section that is with the heading of the introduction. And there is one paragraph in the section. While the topic is formatting. But you got my point right.

And if you see the body paragraphs of it then you will find out that these are three paragraphs that take the discussion further. And if you read the information in it. Then you might not get what I told you to do in the body paragraphs. And you will probably think that “This doesn’t match what he wrote above”. Then let me tell you that I just wanted to explain the concept to you and there are a lot of examples available. But I hope you get the concept right. And if you do so you can write the five-paragraph essay on your own.

Now, I want you to see the last paragraph which is the conclusion. And this is also having just one paragraph. And it completes the topic, doesn’t it?


Writing a five-paragraph essay is a simple thing to do if you know what to do and where to do it. And because the length of the essay is very short then you have to do it very carefully. The five-paragraph essay has five paragraphs in which the first one is the introduction, the next three are the body paragraphs and the last one is the conclusion of the whole essay. So, this is the structure of a five-paragraph essay

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