Detailed Guide to Change WiFi Repeater Default Password

Numerous consumers have voiced concerns about unauthorized persons accessing their networking settings after the WiFi repeater setup. There’s no need to worry if you’re one of the people who experience this issue.You are in the exact place where you are supposed to be. Here, we will discuss all the step-by-step guidelines to change the default password on your WiFi repeater to a secure one. So, without any further delay; let’s start.

Steps to Change WiFi Repeater Password

The procedure to change the default password of the WiFi repeater is very simple. Walk through the instructions highlighted below in the exact order to finish the process.

Run an Internet Browser

First of all, turn on your client device. Once done, launch the web browser. You can open any browser as per your preference. But, before moving to the next step make sure that the browser you choose is upgraded to its latest version. Aside from this also clear all the junk files from the computer or laptop. If you have no idea how to clear the browser cache then navigate to the settings of it. Here click on History, and then Clear Browsing Data. Doing so will help you from coming technical hiccups.

Access the Repeater Web Page

Accessing the device’s web page is the next step in the process of changing the default password for the WiFi range repeater. Go to the browser’s address bar for this. Enter the default web address, which is once you’ve arrived there. To continue, press the Enter key after that. Use the IP address if the web address is not functioning.

Fill up the Login Credentials

The moment you press the Enter key, the WiFi repeater login page window will show on the screen. Enter the default admin details into the given fields. Be careful while entering the username or password. Take the help of the user manual if you have no idea about the username or password.

Change the Password

Once you logged in, the WiFi repeater web management interface will appear. Go to the Settings menu now, then select Management, followed by Password. Enter the default password (the old password) first, followed by the new password, in the appropriate fields. Once you’re finished, press the Apply button.

You can modify the WiFi repeater’s password in this manner. However, most individuals are unable to modify their passwords. If you experience this problem as well, use the following tips to resolve it.

Unable to change the WiFi Repeater Password

Verify Power supply

Another reason why you are not able to change the default password is due to an improper power supply. To troubleshoot this issue, confirm that you insert the WiFi repeater into the well-working power socket. In case, the wall outlet is faulty then plug the extender into the other outlet.

Move the Device Close

The next cause why you face this issue is because of an inappropriate position of the repeater. To do away with this problem, place the wireless devices in the same room. But, not too close. The reason being is the WiFi signals are not communicated properly

Reset the WiFi Repeater

If the aforementioned troubleshooting hacks bear no result, then chances are that your repeater has been configured partially. So, it is time to perform a factory default reset of your WiFi repeater. It can be done either by pressing the Reset button. To reset your repeater, follow the steps given below:

First thing first, look for the Reset button on the repeater.

The moment you find it, use a paper clip and press it gently.

Wait for a few seconds and release it.

In this way, your WiFi repeater is reset to its factory default settings.

The Final Words

We end our guide on how to change the default password of the WiFi repeater. We hope that with the help of the aforementioned things you can easily change the password. If you liked reading this article and want others to learn about what you did, do share it with your fellow readers via the comment section.



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