What is the Comprehensive Process of Obtaining a Private Number Plate?

Private Number Plate

It’s not just the rich and famous who get to buy a Private Number Plate, like in earlier days. Buying private personalized number plates is now a trend among vehicle owners, especially those who own vehicles of luxurious brands and want to add a unique touch to their assets. So if you are considering to buy a private number plate for the first time, it can be an exciting journey. Personalizing them can involve a lot of questions about how to do it, what legal requirements you need to fulfill, and more. So read this guide to know the critical aspects of getting your private number plate.

What requirement do you need to fulfill to obtain a private number plate?

Before you get your private number plate certificate, it’s essential to understand the legal requirements you need to fulfill. Although the qualifications may vary depending on what country and region you belong to, the common requirements to get a private plate usually involve valid proof of vehicle ownership, personal identification, and compliance with local regulations. So be familiar with the requirements of the regulations and restrictions on selecting private number plate combinations. 

Step-by-step process to obtain a private number plate

  • First, choose your number plate and the personalized plate combination you desire. You can choose from any popular or unpopular number combination that forms a meaningful word or creative expression related to you. Additionally, the number combination should be easy to remember, and you should be able to afford it. Make sure to check with the relevant authorities and online platforms to see if your desired combination is available.
  • When you are done with selecting the private plate number, verify if it is available for the official registration platform or a private plate dealer. You should ensure that no other person has claimed the combination of your number plate, or there could be legal issues. 
  • When it’s confirmed the number plate combination is uniquely yours, proceed to purchase it from the official private plate registration agency or a licensed dealer. The cost of the number plate may vary depending on the rarity and popularity of the combination. 
  • Now it’s time to transfer the private number plate to your vehicle, so you need to inform the local vehicle registration office about it. Provide the required paperwork, including identification, ownership verification, and the original vehicle registration. 
  • In the transfer process, you require to remove the current number plate and replace it with the personalized plate. Then provide the existing registration document and complete it by making a payment for the transfer. 
  • If you have vehicle insurance, let the company know about the replacement private plates, so they can update the policy accordingly. Moreover, the new registration details should also be updated on the road tax documentation.

How much will it cost to personalize your private number plate?

Many factors could affect the cost of personalizing your private number plate. This can include the combination’s popularity, the plate’s age, and any additional administrative fees. Popular and highly sought-after combinations tend to be more expensive. Some countries may charge transfer fees when the registration authority moves the private plate from one vehicle to another. 

What are the different personalized plates you can get?

In the UK, you can get four types of personalized license plates. Below are some options to consider:

  • Current

The current personalized plate combination is the style used on the new car registration today. Most of them include seven characters, starting with two letters showing the registration region. Then it follows two numbers indicating the vehicle’s age and ends with three random letters. For instance: AC XX ACB.

  • Dateless

The dateless personalized plate type was used before 1963. These private plates have a combination of up to four numbers and three letters. These plates can indicate the vehicle’s age, which is why collectors mostly seek them. 

  • Prefix

In the prefix types of number plates, the first letter in the style indicated the vehicle’s age. For example, A XXX ABC.

  • Suffix

The suffix number plate combinations start with the letter “A” and end with the letter indicating its age. For example, ABC XXXA. 

Do you get to keep your private plate when you sell your vehicle?

Yes, you usually get to keep your private plate when you sell your vehicle. However, it requires a simple process of transferring the plate to a retention certificate or transferring it to another car. This way, you can have ownership of the personalized plate even after selling your current vehicle. The plate can increase in value in the future, making your investment worthwhile. 


Owning a private number plate allows you the opportunity to display your creativity with your vehicle and express your individuality. With various styles available to choose from, make sure to get the right combination that resonates with you before following the registration process mentioned above. Retain your cherished private plate and transfer it to new care when you sell the old one to make the most out of your investment.

Once a desired combination is selected, the process involves searching through available options, often with the help of specialized websites or private plate dealers. This can be an exciting yet meticulous phase, as individuals aim to find a combination that resonates with their personality or holds sentimental value.

After identifying the perfect private number plate, the legalities come into play. Vehicle owners must ensure compliance with registration rules, pay associated fees, and provide the necessary documentation to secure the rights to their chosen plate. This typically includes a certificate of entitlement (V750 or V778) and an updated vehicle registration certificate (V5C).

Finally, the new private number plate can be physically affixed to the vehicle, marking the culmination of a journey that combines personal expression, legal diligence, and a touch of individuality on the road.

In essence, the comprehensive process of obtaining a private number plate is a blend of creativity, adherence to regulations, and the joy of driving with a unique identity. It’s a reflection of one’s distinct personality in the world of automobiles.

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