Interesting Facts to Know About Private Number Plates

Know About Private Number Plates

Do you want to own a private number plate for your vehicle? Yes, everyone loves to customise their vehicle to add a personalised touch. Number plates are one of the parts which hold a great identification and value of your vehicle. If you want to highlight the part to stay different and unique from other car owners, registering for Private Number Plates will be the best thing ever done. It will enhance the value of your car and give it a great look. 

Since the last decade, private plate registration has reached the heights of popularity in the UK region. It does not limit only rich and famous personalities like celebs or ministers. Everyone can now afford a private plate for their vehicle. Before going for the registration, here we brought you the interesting facts about the private number plate. It will be helpful for you while making the purchase.

How a Private Number Plate is Registered?

After manufacturing the car, it undergoes registration with DVLA. The car will get a unique registration number by default. The car owner can change their registration number and personalise it through private numbers and alphabetic choices. You can customise it to add a special date to make it remain memorable for a lifetime. 

How Is Popular Private Number Plate Registration with the British Public?

The UK’s Office for National Statistics 2020 reveals that people in this region own private number plates worth £3 billion. These plates have gained immense popularity and are anticipated to undergo additional growth in the future. 87% of car owners registered for personal number plates to display their car’s given name.

What are the Different Formats of Number Plates?

There are four formats of number plates, i.e., dateless, suffix, prefix, and current-style. The format can undergo further changes with a new system if it is running out of combinations. They released the present back in the year 2001. The current format is designed to accommodate unique registrations for up to 50 years.

Which Letter is Rarely Used in the Number Plate?

Letter Q is rarely found on number plates. It is difficult to find a personalised registration with the letter a ‘Q.’ This is because the letter is specifically reserved for cars due to questionable history. You will find Q-letter plates on super-modified cars, former military cars, kit cars, and cars without identification numbers.

Why are some private number plates banned?

DVLA releases a fresh set of banned number plates every year. They will be banned if the numbers reference anything offensive or derogatory words. 343 private number plates were banned in the year 2022. 

What is the valuation of the private number plate industry?

Private number plate registrations have become highly popular in the last decades. In the year 2018, personalised license plate demand increased by up to 58%. The trend is still continuing at a rapid speed. The market was valued at £1.3 billion in 2022.

When did DVLA start to sell private number plates?

The report shows that -DVLA has previously raised £2 billion for the HM Treasury for private plate sales. It didn’t sell the plates until 1989. After they realised that the dealers like Regtransfers had successfully made great sales of private plates, DVLA started selling the private number plates on its official site. Also, DVLA holds annual auctions for personalised plates. 

Which is the most costly number plate in the UK?

The most costlier private number plate in the UK is ‘25 O’. The DVLA sold the plate for £518,480 in 2014. Additionally, in the years 2011 and 2012, they had previously sold the dateless plates G 1 and X 1 at a cost price of £500,000 each.

How many private number plates are there?

With the rising popularity of private number plates, the number is increasing day to day. There are more than 45 million personalised plates in the country. Cars specifically register the private plates, mainly owning them as an investment. This trend is going to continue in the future years. There will be no halt in its sales. Moreover, it has brought many DVLA-registered number plate service providers into the market. 

Why VIP – 1 is the most famous registration in the UK?

You might have noticed the private plate ‘VIP 1’, usually on TV shows or movies. They specially made it for the vehicle ex-Pope Jean Paul II who visited Ireland. But, the current Pope is not using it. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich owned VIP 1 on the Knightsbridge and Kensington streets, which you can see now in the year 2006. He was a Russian businessman who brought it at a whopping cost of £285,000.

These are interesting facts regarding private number plates. Before making an investment, make sure to consult a DVLA-registered service provider. Before registering, you must be aware of the rules and regulations issued by the UK government and DVLA.


Delving into the realm of private number plates uncovers a fascinating blend of history, individuality, and personal expression. These seemingly ordinary combinations of characters hold stories of their own, reflecting personal milestones, passions, and even a touch of luxury. The journey through the world of private number plates reveals the enduring appeal of customization and the human desire to stand out and make a mark. Whether cherished for their exclusivity, sentimental value, or unique flair, private number plates serve as a captivating testament to the diverse ways in which we infuse meaning into the everyday aspects of life.

The realm of private number plates is a captivating microcosm of human creativity, status, and individuality. Beyond their functional role, these plates bear witness to the complex interplay of culture, personal identity, and the pursuit of distinction. From historic origins to modern luxury, they embody the concept that even the most utilitarian elements of life can become a canvas for self-expression. As we navigate the highways of the world, these plates remind us that every journey is unique, and the stories we carry are as diverse as the combinations of characters adorning our vehicles. In essence, private number plates encapsulate the human desire to transcend the ordinary, leaving a lasting imprint that merges the practical with the exceptional.

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