Write Plagiarism-Free Essays | An Introduction to Unicheck’s Features

Write Plagiarism-Free Essays

Looking for a similarity detection tool to write plagiarism-free essays? Want to know how to check if the essay is plagiarised free? Start using Unicheck today to check the originality of your essay writing.

Unicheck is specially designed for educators and students and is famous for its uniqueness and special features. We all know there is no place for plagiarism in essay writing. Presenting someone others work as yours is against the rules of academic writing and becomes a cause of plagiarism. So, it is necessary to avoid plagiarism to maintain the integrity and credibility of your essay writing.

Some students prefer to get cheap essay writing services instead of writing and making error-free content. However, with the help of tools like Unicheck, you can check the similarity index with just one click. To improve the areas of plagiarism, it provides a detailed report as well.

Here we will talk about how to write your plagiarism-free essays using the great features of Unicheck.

What is Unicheck?

Unicheck is a plagiarism checker tool that provides a complete similarity report of your submitted essay. This report shows a list of matching sources as highlighted parts that correspond to Internet and library sources. In addition, when you click on sources from the list, the associated text parts highlight. Students benefit from these reports to maintain academic integrity and write plagiarism-free essays.

Moreover, the plagiarism detector scans more than 40 billion web pages, institutional libraries, and educational databases for comparable content. Their reports are interactive and include highlighted clickable sources and a plagiarism score. You can encrypt your uploaded files for security with Uncheck’s isolated user account module.

Features of Unicheck to Write Plagiarism-free Essays

One of the benefits of the software is that it works with virtually every text and file format, including doc. and pdf. Additionally, it is compatible with data uploaded via OneDrive, Google Drive and more. To write plagiarism-free essays, students choose Unicheck due to the following features:

1. List of Search Rules

The software has 281 rules for citation and recognition that helps in checking essays for plagiarism free. It also has 101 file-processing algorithms and a character replacement detecting system.

2. Internet Sources of Content

A firm private library and more than 40 billion free web materials are both available through Unicheck. Not just this, it also offers a private cloud with isolated user accounts and a protection system. Bulk data processing is possible in Unicheck to make plagiarism-free essays.

3. Authorship Verification using AI

By confirming the ownership of a document, the AI-powered self-learning assistant can identify writing styles and stop contract cheating. It assists educators in finding plagiarism in student papers by producing a similarity report on its own. AI-powered systems are now checking plagiarism-free essays to help both students and teachers.

4. Plagiarism Detector for Free

The free plagiarism detector tool finds quotes, references, and text similarities. By creating an account on Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can access it. Access to the free application requires providing PayPal information. But if access is granted, then it may require checking the academic papers and even legal documents for authenticity.

5. Integrations with Different Software

  • For sophisticated plagiarism detection, Canvas by Instructure has an alliance partner with Unicheck.
  • Native integration with Canvas enables the program to carry out regular evaluations. It helps to handle challenging assignments and provide students feedback on their performance. Thus, helping students to write plagiarism-free essays and shine bright in the class.
  • With the help of the LTI integration in Canvas, it is possible to download large quantities of PDF reports. It also adds comments for students to read or use as a reference. Before submitting, it is crucial to check for plagiarism by making sure plagiarism-free essays.
  • For the same purposes as the relationship with Canvas, the program can also integrate with Google Classrooms and LMS.

How Unicheck Helps Students to Prevent Plagiarism?

Unicheck significantly contributes to aiding students in preventing plagiarism. It gives them access to a trustworthy and user-friendly plagiarism detection program. Let’s look at how Unicheck helps students to write plagiarism-free essays and produce original work:

1. Comprehensive Database:

The updated database of Unicheck contains a huge variety of academic papers, articles, and web content. Unicheck thoroughly scans its database after students upload their essays to look for any matches with pre-existing materials. Students may make sure that their work is original and correctly cited using this procedure.

2. Real-Time Checking:

Unicheck’s real-time scanning capacity is one of its most useful features that help in making plagiarism-free essays. Unicheck automatically verifies fresh content against its database as students create their documents. With the help of this function, students can spot potential unintended plagiarism problems while writing essays. It gives them a chance to fix them right away and guarantee originality from the start.

3. Support of Multiple Files Formats:

Unicheck is a flexible tool for students working with various types of documents with several file formats. Unicheck supports several formats to meet students’ needs during plagiarism-free essay writing. Whether you are writing in Microsoft Word, utilising PDFs, or using plain text, Unicheck can help you in all types.

4. Detailed Similarity Reports:

After the scan is finished, each document receives a detailed similarity report from Unicheck. The report shows the percentage of text that matches existing sources and highlights those parts. Students can pinpoint specific areas requiring proper citation or paraphrasing using the essay helper features of Unicheck.

5. References and Citations Check:

Unicheck examines the document’s citations and references for accuracy and consistency. Spotting similarities helps students to write plagiarism-free essays.

It makes sure that all of the sources that students use should be properly referenced. Furthermore, it protects students from accusations of plagiarism by honouring the creators of the original works.

6. Educational Materials and Training:

Unicheck frequently offers educational materials and training to students. The main purpose of such actions is to raise the value of upholding academic integrity and preventing accidental plagiarism. It also provides:

  • Instructions on appropriate citation styles
  • Advice on successful paraphrasing
  • Room for plagiarism-free essay writing
  • Methods for preserving uniqueness in academic writing

7. Integration with Different Platforms:

Unicheck frequently ties in with Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle, making it simple for students to access it. Students can use plagiarism-checking services right from the platforms they use for their essay writing.

A simple integration process assists students in reviewing their work during the writing process. Hence, converting that writing into original and plagiarism-free essays.


Unicheck provides helps students to avoid plagiarism and maintain academic integrity. Its most useful features include its extensive database, real-time scanning, and support for different file formats, detailed similarity reports, citation checks, and instructional resources. Students use Unicheck to ensure the credibility of their writing through plagiarism-free essays.

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