Why Can’t I Log in to D Link Extender Using IP

Is the D Link WiFi extender login not happening using the IP address? Have your tried using the login URL? Yes, you can also use the URL dlinkap.local to log in to the extender. Try logging in using the URL now. If you can’t access the admin panel using the URL as well then use the troubleshooting solutions that have been mentioned in this article.

How to Fix D Link Extender Login Issue?

Let us help you log in to the D Link wireless extender login trouble that’s you are experiencing right now. Once the obstacle is removed, you will be able to log in and make the desired changes. Here are the tips that you should apply now:

1. Reboot the WiFi Extender

Try rebooting your wireless extender to remove any technical glitch in it. Unplug it and let it be in this way for certain amount of time. After about 5 minutes plug in the extender and try logging in using either the IP address or the login URL. In case you can’t log in even now then you should give a shot at the troubleshooting tips given next.

2. Join the Correct Network

If you wish to log in to your WiFi extender then you must be on the local network. That means you should connect to the D Link extender’s network. Check the network that your PC is connected to while you’re logging in. It mustn’t be any other network. So, disconnect from the current network now and join the extender’s network and then try logging in.

You can join the right network in two ways:

LAN Connection- Take a LAN cable and use to it connect the PC to the extender. See to it that you are putting to use a good cable and are inserting it tightly in to right ports.

WiFi Connection– Use the D Link extender’s SSID and connect to its network using the WiFi password. If the computer or laptop is outside the extender’s range then bring it within the range.

3. Type IP/URL Correctly

Make sure that the URL dlinkap.local or IP entrée in the address field is correct and there are no typing mistakes. Most users get stuck by making silly spelling mistakes and then face login issues. You should cross check the entrée and then only hit the Enter key to move further.

4. Update the Browser

You should use an up to date internet browser to log in to your WiFi extender. Go ahead and use an updated web browser or consider updating the one that you are using. Also, clear out the cache and cookies from the browser using its settings. We recommend using different browsers to log in and see if changing the browser helps you.

5. Avoid Using Search Bar

While typing the URL or IP in the browser, refrain from using the search bar on it. Make sure it is the address field where you are typing the entrée. The address field is also known as URL bar. Type the IP or URL in this and then see if you can log in or not.

6. Reset the Extender

Are you still facing the login issues with your D Link wireless extender? Have you applied all the above given fixes correctly? If yes, then you should first check the power supply and then the extender to router connection. By any chance that the power supply and the connection between two devices is perfect then reset the extender to the default values.

Reset your WiFi extender with the help of a sharp and pointed object. Push the Reset button using it and hold it for 10 seconds. Once you release the button, the extender will be reset to the default values.

Wrapping Things Up

Once you’ve reset your D Link wireless range extender, you should connect it to the router with the help of a LAN cable. Join its network on the PC and access D Link extender setup page using IP or URL and configure your extender. We recommend you check for firmware updates for your extender now. If you see an update ready then install it as soon as possible.



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