What Are the Law Courses Available To Study In The UK?

What Are the Law Courses Available To Study In The UK?

What Are the Law Courses Available To Study In The UK?

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Almost 25% of every international student every year opt to study law. Which makes it the third most popular topic area among those studying abroad. A job as a lawyer or solicitor is possible with a law degree. Law school graduates can find work in a wide variety of fields, including government, media, nonprofits, and the private sector. For this reason, it is essential for overseas students to take the degree as well as law assignment help in a country with a strong reputation in the field. Students from around the world can gain a lot from studying law in the United Kingdom. As it is a global leader in the field. Have look on the listed course .


● Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

An LLB is a Bachelor of Law. This is a 3-year full-time program at an undergraduate level. Two-year full-time LLB programs are available at some UK universities. It may take an additional year to earn your LLB. If you choose a program that requires you to take additional courses. When it comes to practicing law in the UK, an LLB counts as a QLD. Qualifying legal degrees are those that cover the seven mandatory topics. These students need to know before moving on to more advanced study. Constitutional plus Administrative Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, EU Law, Equity and Trusts Law, Land Law, and Tort Law are all essential courses.

After finishing an LLB program, students can skip the PGDL or other law conversion courses. Then, go straight into the LPC for lawyers or BTC for barristers. To pursue your education, you might enroll in a Master of Laws (LLM) program.


● Graduation on LLB

The two-year full-time Graduate LLB program is an accelerated alternative to the traditional LLB degree. Students who did not major in law at the undergraduate level will benefit most from this course. Those with a bachelor’s degree who are looking to switch careers into the legal profession would find this program particularly useful.


● Master of Laws (LLM)

An LLM program is a one-year, full-time, post-graduate master’s degree program.  With an LLM, you can focus your legal education on a narrower subfield than you might in your undergraduate degree. Criminal litigation, environmental law, employment law, international business, Islamic finance, as well as maritime law are just a few of the fields that you can focus your LLM on.


● Postgraduate Diploma in Law (or “PGDL”)

The typical length of a Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) conversion program is 9 months. For those with degrees in fields other than law, this is the first rung on the ladder to practicing law as a barrister or solicitor. The Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) is also known as the “law conversion course”. Since it effectively “converts” your non-legal degree into a qualified law degree. Common Professional Examination (CPE) credits are available through this course. Also, it serves as an excellent primer for the first part of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

Starting in September 2021, the SQE will no longer need non-law students to finish a law conversion course. It is before beginning the training route to grow into a solicitor.


● Law Conversion LLM

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than law but want to practice law, you can take an LLM Law Conversion course to convert it into a QLD. This postgraduate program lasts for one full academic year.


● Legal Practice Course, or LPC

The Legal Practice Course (LPC) is a 9-month full-time program that serves as the final vocational step of training to get a certified solicitor. You can enroll in the LPC if you already have a degree in law or another field that is considered equivalent. The goal of the program is to help students transition from their formal education to an internship at a law firm. Those who aspire to become solicitors and would like to increase their practical knowledge and employability prospects should enroll in this course.


● BTC: Bar Training Course

Graduates who want to practice law as barristers can enroll in the Bar Transfer Course (BTC), referred to as the Bar Practice Course (BPC). The program lasts 9 months and equips students with the theoretical and practical legal knowledge and oral and written advocacy skills necessary for a career in the field. If you want to enroll at BTC, you’ll need a strong GPA and either a qualified law degree or a law conversion degree.


● Law International Foundations Program

Students without the necessary academic credentials to enter an LLB program might take the International Foundation Programme in Law. The goal of this 6- to 12-month program is to provide you with the knowledge and language proficiency necessary to succeed in college-level coursework. 

Should you choose Law in the UK?

Many believe the United Kingdom to be the “home” of law because it was there that “common” law and jurisdiction first developed. Therefore, graduates of UK universities enjoy widespread respect and recognition for their academic credentials. Common Law, which originated in the United Kingdom, serves as the basis for the legal systems of many countries. For this reason, anyone serious about making a career in law ought to consider earning their degree in the United Kingdom.

Over 900 years of development have gone into our legal system, and it continues to shape other legal systems throughout the world. The United Kingdom is the birthplace of common law. Over a third of the world’s countries have legal systems that are similar to English common law. English commercial law from the United Kingdom is frequently the prevailing law in international contracts. 


In the United Kingdom, students can earn an LLB or LLM in three as well as one year, respectively. When compared to nations like Canada and the United States, where a legal degree can take up to 7 years, it’s a huge savings for students. A law degree from the United Kingdom is the most direct way into the legal profession.

Earning a legal degree and getting the ‘help with my assignment’ assistance from a reputable institution in the United Kingdom will do wonders for your reputation. Studying law in the United Kingdom gives you an edge over other graduates thanks to some distinctive aspects of the curriculum. As a graduate of the law school you will have access to a global network of fellow graduates and a wide range of opportunities. 


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