The Pros and Cons of Solar Battery Storage

The Pros and Cons of Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage is a crucial technological advancement that bridges the gap between intermittent solar energy generation and consumption. It enables efficient and reliable energy storage, unlocking numerous environmental, economic, and societal benefits in the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

Among the various renewable energy technologies, solar power stands out as one of the most promising and rapidly expanding sources of clean energy. Thanks to various solar tax incentives and government-backed solar incentive programs, an ever-increasing number of households have chosen to adopt it. However, despite the abundance of sunlight, solar energy has faced limitations when it comes to its intermittent nature and the challenge of storing excess power generated during peak production periods.

By facilitating efficient and dependable energy storage, solar battery systems are revolutionizing the utilization of solar power and unlocking a myriad of environmental, economic, and societal benefits. In other words, with the help of solar battery storage, no longer will you be at the mercy of current weather conditions and will be able to supply your household with 100% green power even when the skies are cloudy!

In the following sections, we shall delve into the paramount significance of solar battery storage and meticulously examine its potential in shaping a sustainable energy future.

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages inherent in this technology, thereby empowering you to formulate an informed perspective based on the pros and cons of solar battery storage you’ll find below.

The pros of solar battery storage

Are you looking for ways on how to save money on energy bills all while taking advantage of solar grants, having a backup energy source you can rely on during a brownout, and even make some money on the side through your investment?

As you’ll soon find out, this is only the beginning of the long list of advantages associated with having your own solar battery storage installed.

Let’s have a look at the pros of solar battery storage:

PRO: Slash your energy bill

  1. Storing excess solar power: Solar battery systems allow you to capture and store surplus solar energy generated during the day, which can be used during periods when solar production is low or non-existent. By utilizing stored energy, you can minimize reliance on the grid and reduce electricity costs.
  2. Load shifting: With solar battery storage, you have the flexibility to shift your electricity usage to off-peak hours, avoiding times when electricity rates are typically higher. By strategically using stored energy during peak demand periods, you can significantly reduce your energy bill and avoid costly peak demand charges.
  3. Minimizing grid dependency: By relying on stored solar energy, you can decrease the amount of electricity drawn from the grid. This leads to a reduction in grid usage charges and lowers overall energy expenses.
  4. Increased self-consumption: Solar battery storage enables higher self-consumption of solar energy. Rather than exporting excess solar power back to the grid, which may result in lower feed-in tariffs, you can store and utilize the energy yourself, further lowering your energy bill.
  5. Energy resilience: In the event of power outages or disruptions, solar battery storage can provide backup power. This ensures uninterrupted electricity supply, particularly during critical times, while avoiding potential financial losses associated with service interruptions.

PRO: Increase your independence

Solar batteries contribute to enhanced energy independence by empowering homeowners to generate and store their own electricity. This aspect becomes particularly crucial during power outages or emergencies when the traditional grid infrastructure may be inaccessible or unreliable.

By harnessing solar energy and utilizing battery storage, homeowners can maintain a reliable and self-sustained power supply, ensuring essential electrical services are available when needed the most. This heightened energy independence not only provides peace of mind during unforeseen circumstances but also reduces dependence on external energy sources, fostering a greater sense of control over one’s energy needs.

PRO: Long battery life

Solar battery storage systems are now widely recognized for their extensive battery life, attributed to several critical factors (although this certainly wasn’t the case with the earliest models). First and foremost, the progress in battery technology has fostered the emergence of high-quality and resilient battery chemical components, notably lithium-ion, engineered to endure numerous charge and discharge cycles with minimal degradation.

Furthermore, the incorporation of sophisticated battery management systems (BMS) plays a pivotal role in overseeing charging and discharging processes, effectively averting overcharging or deep discharging, which may otherwise compromise battery longevity. In addition, solar battery manufacturers meticulously subject their products to rigorous testing and uphold stringent quality control standards to ensure the robustness and durability of their offerings.

The combined contribution of these factors significantly adds to the prolonged battery life of modern solar storage systems like EP Cube, establishing them as a dependable and sustainable solution to meet energy storage requirements.  EP Cube boasts itself with a higher retention rates compared to our competitors (which stands at 80% vs. 70%).

PRO: Government incentives

Depending on your region, there may be several government incentives that effectively reduce the financial burden of investing in a solar battery storage system. In case you live in the US, these are the main two you should note:

  • Solar Tax Credit Extension for 2023
  • NEM 3.0

Since the American energy independence movement is quite strong, you should find no shortage of information about these. Below, we’ll briefly summarize each.

Solar Tax Credit Extension for 2023

The percentage gradually decreases over the years, with 30% for 2022-2032, 26% for 2033, 22% for 2034… and so on and so forth.

This policy provides various benefits, including stimulating economic growth in the solar energy industry, contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and fostering long-term energy savings.

To qualify for the tax credit, the solar system must be:

  • New;
  • Owned outright;
  • Located in the United States;
  • and utilized for primary or secondary residences or community solar projects.

By following a step-by-step process, applicants can apply for the incentive and even carry over any unused amount for subsequent tax years.

NEM 3.0

This new approach aims to balance the costs and benefits of distributed solar, encourage the adoption of energy storage, and minimize the impact on the grid. While NEM 3.0 affects existing NEM 2.0 users, it seeks to align residential solar export rates closer to wholesale rates, promoting further sustainability in California’s energy landscape as one of the most crucial California solar incentives.

PRO: Excellent customer support

When it comes to solar batteries, reliable customer support plays a vital role in ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Solar battery manufacturers and service providers understand the importance of providing comprehensive customer support throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. From the initial installation and setup to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, a strong customer support network is in place to address any inquiries or issues that may arise.

EP Cube is an established solar battery brand operating under Canadian Solar, a leading player in the Canadian and US energy sector with 20+ years of experience in solar panels and related fields. As an experienced provider of solar systems and solutions, we are your go-to source for anything solar power and solar battery storage related.

PRO: Water-resistant

The water resistance of solar batteries is a pivotal attribute that ensures their durability and reliability in various environmental conditions. You’ll be glad to know that EP Cube solar battery systems are meticulously engineered to withstand exposure to precipitation, humidity, and other moisture-related elements. The components comprising solar batteries, including the battery housing, connections, and electrical elements, are meticulously sealed and insulated to prevent water ingress.

This protective measure safeguards against potential damage, corrosion, and electrical hazards that may arise from moisture exposure. The water-resistant nature of EP Cube solar batteries renders them suitable for outdoor installations, enabling them to operate efficiently and store energy even in wet or damp environments. This resilience to water enhances the longevity and performance of our solar batteries, delivering users a dependable energy storage solution capable of enduring diverse weather conditions.

No storm will disrupt the operation of your EP Cube.

PRO: Safe for kids and pets

Modern home power battery storage solutions are meticulously engineered with a steadfast emphasis on safety, rendering them highly suitable for households with children and pets. These batteries. especially our very own EP Cube brand, incorporate a multitude of safety mechanisms to effectively mitigate potential risks.

Foremost, solar batteries are encased in robust and secure housings, ensuring the prevention of unauthorized access to internal components and minimizing the possibility of accidental contact.

Moreover, our solar batteries are equipped with inherent safety features, including safeguards against:

  • Overcharging
  • Over-discharging
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Short-circuit incidents

These integrated safety measures collectively contribute to creating a secure operating environment for solar batteries, instilling confidence in households with regards to the protection of their children and pets.

These safety measures help prevent malfunctions or hazardous situations that could pose a threat to children or pets.

Furthermore, the installation of solar batteries often involves complying with safety codes and guidelines to ensure proper ventilation and secure mounting, further reducing any potential risks. As a result, households with solar batteries can enjoy the benefits of clean energy storage while maintaining a safe environment for their loved ones.

EP Cube is 100% pet-friendly.

PRO: Comes with a monitoring app

Modern solar battery systems tend to have a dedicated monitoring app. At EP Cube, we’ve gone the extra mile to make ours as intuitive and user-friendly as it can be.

  • Real-time monitoring of electricity consumption
  • Manage your energy from anywhere and at any time
  • Different operation modes to pick from based on your energy preferences (TOU, self-consumption, backup)
  • View system performance data
  • System commissioning and monitoring from a single place
  • Analyze energy usage trends (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Firmware updates are released over time
  • One-button support request and access to manuals and troubleshooting guides
  • Included manuals for self-configuration and technical installation


Monitor energy data with visual graphs. Pick between various different operation modes.

PRO: Noiseless

Solar batteries are celebrated for their noiseless operation, offering a distinct advantage over many other energy storage solutions. Unlike traditional generators or fossil fuel-based systems, solar batteries do not rely on mechanical parts or combustion processes to store and release energy.

Instead, they employ chemical reactions and electrochemical processes to store and deliver electricity. This absence of moving parts or noisy internal combustion engines eliminates any associated noise emissions.

Consequently, solar batteries provide a serene and peaceful energy storage solution, contributing to a tranquil environment both indoors and outdoors. This noiseless characteristic ensures minimal disturbance, making solar batteries particularly well-suited for residential areas, where peace and quiet are highly valued.

PRO: Make money by selling the power back to the grid

Participating in the smart grid revolution offers a potentially profitable opportunity for homeowners and businesses, as it facilitates the sale of excess power back to the grid. By utilizing solar panels and a battery storage system, surplus energy can be generated during peak production periods, subsequently available for sale to utility companies.

This practice, known as net metering or feed-in tariffs, provides financial incentives to those who contribute their excess electricity to the grid, effectively transforming their properties into micro-scale power stations.

Embracing the smart grid revolution empowers individuals and businesses to:

  • Optimize their energy usage
  • Reduce costs
  • Contribute to energy sustainability and grid stability

This not only provides the possibility of potential earnings but also advocates for enhanced energy sustainability and grid stability. Embracing the smart grid revolution not only empowers individuals and businesses to effectively reduce their energy costs but also actively contributes to cultivating a cleaner and more efficient energy ecosystem.

An example of such financial incentives is NEM 3.0 – although the current rendition of the financial incentive is a slightly worse proposition compared to its 2.0 predecessor, it’s still worth considering.

PRO: Benefit the environment by reducing the carbon footprint

The utilization of solar energy comes with numerous environmental advantages, prominently centered around its ability to substantially reduce the carbon footprint. In contrast to conventional energy generation reliant on fossil fuels, solar power harnesses clean and abundant energy from the sun, yielding electricity without the emission of detrimental greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

By displacing fossil fuel consumption with solar energy, the release of CO2 and other harmful pollutants into the atmosphere is curtailed, thus contributing significantly to climate change mitigation and its associated adverse consequences. Embracing solar energy on a large scale fosters a sustainable and ecologically-responsible energy landscape, preserving the planet for future generations while concurrently diminishing our dependence on finite and environmentally harmful resources.

Installing a solar battery makes the transition into the world of renewable energy even more straightforward as it comes with numerous benefits we’ve discussed above. Now, you can become a part of the solution rather than continuing to be a part of the problem!

The cons of solar battery storage

In the section below, we’ll touch upon the cons of deciding to install solar battery storage. Although these pale in comparison to the abundance of benefits associated with them, this is by no means a perfect technology (although it’s certainly getting better and more advanced over the years).

EP Cube, as a leading home battery brand, has more than 20 years of experience with solar panels operating under Canadian Solar. Thanks to our mileage, the solar battery storage technology we’ve developed effectively addresses most, if not all of the cons of solar battery storage that we’ve detailed below. Still, for the sake of the balanced argument, it’s important to go through them either way.

CON: Upfront investment

One of the few disadvantages of deciding to buy solar battery storage is the requirement for an upfront investment. While solar battery technology continues to advance and become more cost-effective, the initial investment in home storage systems can still be substantial. This upfront cost may present a barrier for some homeowners or businesses, deterring them from immediately adopting solar battery storage solutions.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to acknowledge that this initial investment ought to be perceived as a long-term commitment, as solar battery systems hold the potential for significant cost savings over time through the reduction of electricity bills and the attainment of energy independence. Additionally, an array of solar incentive programs, rebates, and financing alternatives are at hand to alleviate the burden of upfront home battery system expenses, rendering solar battery storage more attainable and inclusive for a diverse spectrum of consumers.

Long story short, you should check your local solar incentive eligibility requirements to see if there are any rebates your government can offer. What you might find is that, when taking these into consideration, the upfront investment in home storage systems might not be the financial burden you initially thought it was.

CON: Limited storage capacity

Storage capacity limitations of solar battery systems pose a prevailing obstacle within the energy storage industry. Despite notable strides in battery technology, numerous systems continue to encounter limitations in efficiently storing substantial energy volumes. The storage capacity of solar batteries is subject to various influences, encompassing factors such as:

Battery size


Chemical composition

As the adoption of renewable energy sources, particularly solar power, escalates, the necessity for proficient energy storage solutions intensifies. Nonetheless, surmounting the challenge of storage capacity restrictions represents a pivotal impediment in guaranteeing consistent and dependable energy supply from solar systems. This exigency has spurred continuous research and innovation endeavors, dedicated to pursuing broader and more efficacious battery storage alternatives.

We delighted to convey that EP Cube has come up with a solution that allows for a dependable power source that supplies your household with power for 100 days in total , after the solar battery has effectively reached its maximum life cycles ((6000 or 10 years), outperforming other competing brands that are often plagues by issues like lower lifespan and higher battery loss.

Furthermore, it’s completely up to you and your preferences how many units you wish to connect and more can be added at a later time in case your needs change. In fact, EP Cube is scalable up to 19.9 kWh and up to six battery packs can be hooked up in parallel. The takeaway is, EP Cube makes matters incredibly simple and straightforward for budget-aware homeowners, as they can start small with just an EP Cube unit or two instead of having to buy the whole set of solar batteries like they would with some of the competing brands.

CON: Safety risks with improper installation

Improper installation of traditional solar battery storage systems (and those manufactured by some of our competitors) can present considerable safety risks. Given the intricate nature of these systems, precise engineering and meticulous attention to detail during installation are imperative.

A faulty installation may give rise to electrical hazards, such as:

Short circuits


Inadequate ventilation

This can lead to potential:



Damage to critical system components

Additionally, inadequate securing or improper battery placement could result in structural issues or property damage. Furthermore, incorrect wiring or poor connections may lead to system malfunctions, posing safety risks to both occupants and utility workers. To ensure the safe and optimal operation of solar battery storage, it is imperative to engage certified and experienced professionals for installation, adhering to stringent safety guidelines and industry standards. By prioritizing correct installation practices, users can mitigate potential hazards and fully benefit from the advantages of solar battery storage technology.

The great news is, EP Cube boasts a highly proficient team of solar energy system installation services providers across the United States, ensuring impeccable installations and empowering the company to conquer any challenges that may arise. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, EP Cube leverages the expertise of its skilled technicians to deliver top-notch services and achieve optimal outcomes for each project.

By maintaining a solid foundation of experienced professionals, EP Cube is well-equipped to overcome any installation-related hurdles, further solidifying its position as a reliable and reputable player in the industry. Long story short; our installers often report having a great time installing our solar battery systems due to how well they’re constructed. With EP Cube, it’s user-friendliness all the way, whether you’re a homeowner or belong to the ranks of our certified professionals.


CON: Maintenance

Solar battery storage maintenance can present a drawback due to the need for periodic upkeep and associated costs. While solar battery systems are designed to be durable and low-maintenance, they still require attention to ensure their optimal performance. Regular maintenance tasks may involve:

  • Checking and cleaning the battery components
  • Inspecting connections
  • Monitoring system performance

Furthermore, over time, batteries may necessitate replacements, contributing to the cumulative maintenance costs. Neglecting maintenance responsibilities could also lead to diminished energy storage capacity and efficiency, potentially affecting the system’s long-term viability. Despite these drawbacks, prioritizing proactive and timely maintenance endeavors is imperative to guarantee the enduring reliability and longevity of solar battery storage systems, thus justifying its worth as an investment in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

At EP Cube, we want to make sure our customers can enjoy a full decade without worrying about their investment. Therefore, your purchase is backed by an ironclad 10-year warranty for your absolute peace of mind! Moreover, we use lithium ion phosphate batteries to ensure excellent stability, reliability, and full compliance with the UL 9540A standard. Even after 6000 cycles, our battery bolsters an impressive 80% retention rate, which outperforms any competing solar battery storage system on the market right now. This translates to 1806 kWh extra stored energy, which is more than enough to provide a reliable power supply to an entire family for about 100 days.

CON: Needs dedicated space

One of the drawbacks of installing a solar battery storage system is the space it typically occupies. Traditional solar battery systems require adequate physical space to accommodate the batteries and associated equipment. For residential installations, this may pose a challenge, especially for those with limited outdoor space. Additionally, commercial applications may also encounter space constraints in urban environments or areas with restricted land availability.

The requirement for ample space can potentially limit the feasibility of solar battery storage for certain properties or applications. However, innovative advancements in battery technology are gradually reducing the physical footprint of solar battery systems, mitigating this concern and making it more feasible for a broader range of installations in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

If you’ve seen the high level of integrations our EP Cube solar battery units possess, you know that, in our case, storage space limitations are a non-issue. Take a look at some of the photos below:


Fit one of these neatly into your garage to have an electric car charger on hand.

If you can fit a shovel into your garage or work shed, so can you fit an EP Cube unit.

Even a narrow space is more than enough to install an EP Cube (or more).

Whether it be indoors or outdoors, EP Cube technology can withstand any environment, thus further unlocking the endless possibilities of where you want to place it.

In essence, due to the intelligent design, our EP Cube units can fit anywhere in your home, either in indoor or outdoor areas, almost completely without taking away from the space that you have available. This makes them perfectly suitable even for household with tight space constraints.


As you can see, the pros of installing a solar battery storage system greatly outweigh their cons by far and wide, and EP Cube technology effectively addresses the majority of the concerns people usually have with traditional systems and our competitors’ solutions.

With our industry-grade solar battery storage products, you can slash your energy bill, increase your energy independence, and even make some money on the side by selling the excess power back to the grid, alongside a slew of other benefits.



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