Shrink Film for Beverage Multipacks: A Greener Path to Packaging Success

Shrink Film For Beverage Multipacks Market

Shrink Film For Beverage Multipacks Industry Prospective:

The global shrink film for beverage multipacks market size was worth around USD 1237 million in 2022 and

is predicted to grow to around USD 2035 million by 2030

with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of roughly 6.53% between 2023 and 2030.


In the fast-paced world of consumer goods, producers are always striving for cutting-edge packaging solutions that combine convenience, sustainability

and cost-efficiency all in one package.

The use of shrink film as a packaging material for multiple beverage containers has become increasingly common

which has fundamentally altered the manner in which beverages are packaged and sold to end users.

This piece dives into the mysteries surrounding the use of shrink film for beverage multipacks, assessing its advantages as well as its effect on the market.

What is Shrink Film?

Heat shrinks shrink film, a plastic packing material. It is used in food and beverage sectors to securely bundle and display products.

Shrink Film For Beverage Multipacks Market: Competitive Analysis

The global shrink film for beverage multipacks market is led by players like:

  • Sealed Air Corporation
  • Coveris Holdings
  • Berry Plastics Corporation
  • Reynolds
  • Amcor
  • Sigma Plastics
  • Clondalkin
  • Polyrafia

Advantages of Shrink Film for Beverage Multipacks

2.1. Enhanced Product Protection

Cans and bottles of beverage are shielded from environmental factors such as moisture, dust

and light by a strong protective barrier that is provided by shrink film when it is wrapped around the container.

This protection guarantees that the beverages contained within will keep their high quality and delicious taste until they are consumed by the general public.

2.2. Space-Efficient

The use of shrink film makes it possible to bundle multiple packages together more compactly, which in turn requires less overall area for storage and transit.

Retailers are able to maximize the space on their shelves, while customers are able to simply keep many packs of an item in their refrigerators without having to worry about the extra heft.

2.3. Tamper-Evident Packaging

The beverage multipacks are effectively sealed with shrink film, making it simple to determine if the item has been opened or otherwise tampered with.

The tamper-evident feature inspires consumer confidence by ensuring them that the product they are purchasing is genuine and free from any dangers.

2.4. Branding and Marketing Opportunities

The shrink film acts as a canvas on which to display marketing and brand messaging.

On the film, manufacturers are able to print attention-grabbing designs, logos, and promotional material

which increases the brand’s visibility and draws the attention of customers while it is displayed on store shelves.

2.5. Environmentally-Friendly Options

Some makers of shrink film have begun offering environmentally friendly alternatives in response to the growing number of concerns regarding the environment.

In order to contribute to a more environmentally friendly packaging solution for beverage multipacks, these choices either make use of recyclable materials or minimize the total amount of material used.

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Impact on the Beverage Multipacks Market

3.1. Cost-Effectiveness

The material efficiency of shrink film as well as its simplicity of application results in cost savings for the manufacturers who use it.

As a consequence of this, beverage firms are able to provide consumers with pricing that is competitive

which makes their products more enticing in a market that is extremely competitive.

3.2. Improved Logistics

Due to the fact that shrink film is so lightweight, it helps to optimize transportation, which in turn reduces the amount of fuel used and the amount of carbon emissions produced during shipment.

This advantage correlates with the growing demand for solutions that are more environmentally conscientious in the beverage industry.

3.3. Consumer Convenience

Customers have a simpler time purchasing and transporting huge quantities of beverages because of the availability of multipacks that are shrink-wrapped.

These packs are popular among consumers who are in a hurry because of their tidy and small shape, which allows them to fit easily in shopping bags as well as car trunks.

3.4. Diverse Applications

It is possible to use shrink film for a wide variety of beverages, including carbonated drinks, bottled water, and even alcoholic beverages due to the film’s adaptability and versatility.

Because of its adaptability to a wide variety of container styles and dimensions, it is the material of choice for beverage manufacturers all over the world.

Reduction in Packaging Waste:

The capacity of shrink film to reduce the amount of waste produced by packaging is one of the key advantages offered by this material.

The conventionally sold beverage multipacks frequently contain surplus cardboard or plastic, which contributes to the issue of waste all around the world.

The use of only the amount of material that is required to firmly hold the beverages together is accomplished via shrink film, which results in a reduction in waste.

As a result of this reduction in waste from packaging, which is in line with sustainable practises, shrink film is an excellent option for businesses

who are devoted to being good stewards of the environment.

Shrink Film For Beverage Multipacks Market Trends

The market for shrink film used on beverage multipacks is being influenced by a number of trends, some of which are listed below. Please be aware that the competitive landscape could have shifted since then; therefore, it is vital to perform additional research in order to stay abreast of the most recent changes.

  • Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and as a result, they are demanding sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions. This has led to an increased focus on ecologically friendly materials. The shrink film business has seen a spike in the development and acceptance of biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable materials as a response to this trend. This comes as a direct result of the trend. As a result of their lower impact on the environment in comparison to traditional plastics derived from petroleum, shrink films made from plant-based ingredients, such as PLA (Polylactic Acid) and PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol), are rising in favour.
  • Films that are Lighter and Thinner Manufacturers are Working on Developing Thinner and Lighter Shrink Films without Compromising Strength and Performance In order to further improve sustainability and reduce overall packaging waste, manufacturers are working on developing thinner and lighter shrink films. These technological developments not only assist save resources, but they also contribute to lower shipping costs and increased efficiency in logistics.


The beverage business is always undergoing change, but the utilization of shrink film as a valuable packaging solution for multipacks has not changed.

The market has been considerably impacted as a result of its myriad benefits

which include product protection, potential for branding, and various sustainability options.

The ease, cost-effectiveness, and reduced impact on the environment brought about by this innovation in packaging are enjoyed by both the manufacturers of beverages and

the consumers of such beverages.

It is likely that shrink film will continue to play an essential part in transforming

the beverage multipacks industry for the better as long as consumer preferences continue to influence trends in packaging.

This is because consumer preferences continue to shape trends in packaging.

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