Scaling Your Startup: Hiring Remote Developers

Scaling Your Startup: Hiring Remote Developers

Being a startup owner, the biggest challenge anyone has is how to develop their product, not just to do the job but as perfectly as possible. For example, maybe you want to develop a software application that can offer doorstep car cleaning services, professional bride decoration services, or even as simple as 10-minute grocery delivery services.

Now while you are working on any of these projects, you will certainly want your app not to face any bugs when the intended users start using it. But the question comes, who will ensure that? You, your users, or somebody else? Well, none of them! It is the software developer whom you will employ who is technically expected to develop an error-free application for your desired service delivery.

And that’s where the need to hire remote software developer crop up. 

However, one query that must be crossing your mind is, Why hire remote developers? Can’t an in-house developer do the job? Of course, your question is absolutely correct. But do you know that collaborating with an in-house software professional will cost you more compared to remote developers?

Yes, that’s true! But, how? You might ask. Well, when you recruit a local software professional to work on your project, you will have to pay them a fixed salary every month apart from giving casual leaves, sick leaves, and additional perks and incentives. Above all, you will have to bear the expenses for their office space acquisition, electricity consumption, and most importantly, coffee intake every day. 

On the other hand, when you hire a remote software developer to take care of your project, all you need to pay heed to is their weekly, monthly, or hourly fees. Nothing more than that. And that will save a humongous amount of dollars till your project completion, which you can invest in other monumental areas of your business.

This is the main reason why it is a smarter decision to be better off with remote developers rather than their in-house counterparts. Ok? Got it? If yes, it is time to imbibe more about remote working through this content. So, let’s go ahead with:

Top Statistics You Must Grasp Before You Hire Remote Developers

  1. A large portion of software personnel work from home, with 86% working entirely from a remote location at present. 
  2. As per a famous HR solutions provider, no more than 9% of corporate India was working fully remotely till August 2022 compared to 38% in January. And this figure has popped up despite the fact that most employees prefer to work from home.  
  3. The remote software developers at a leading talent cloud company are asked to work for 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. 

Now that you have understood some solid reasons to hire remote developers, it is time to take a confident plunge if you want to build a promising web or mobile application for your organization right away.

Should You Hire Remote Developers For Your Startup Specifically?

One of the most instrumental decisions that startup owners have to take when working on software-related projects is the type of development team they want to hire for the same. However, before you go any further with the hiring process of your potential software personnel, it is important to compare the advantages and disadvantages of having a remote development team at your disposal.

According to companies that allows to hire remote software developer, it makes sense to take a few factors into consideration, including but not limited to:

  1. Type of products or services your new company offers
  2. Skills required to develop those applications 
  3. Budget 
  4. Scalability requirements 
  5. Pros and cons of teaming up with a remote development team 
  6. Compatibility with your workflow.

Only when you do this, it will be a breeze to discover the type of development team your new establishment needs. And if you are confident about going with the option to hire a remote software developer to complete your project, there is no better time than now to take this decision.

With that finished, it is time to get down to the next Q&A, i.e.,

Which Bay Area Startups Hire Remote Developers?

Do you even know what the term “Bay Area” means? If not, we must notify you that it is the area surrounding two imperative regions that are San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay. And just to let you know, nine countries that are included in the above definition are:

  1. Alameda
  2. Marin 
  3. Napa
  4. Contra Costa 
  5. San Mateo 
  6. Sonoma
  7. Solano 
  8. Santa Clara 
  9. San Francisco 

So, these are the nine nations that mainly form the Bay Area. One of the biggest reasons why the popularity of remote workers is increasing among startup owners of the Bay Area is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, you read that right! According to agencies that let clients hire remote software developers, many startups have been established in the Bay Area.

And most of these entities do give the best remote jobs to software professionals for their business operations. In addition to that, these newer firms have started to recognize the advantages of partnering with remote developers and because of that, they are allowing their staff to work from home without a hitch. 

Some of the startups located in the Bay Area we want to name here who hire remote developers are:

  1. AngelList 
  2. ManyChat 
  3. Token 
  4. Onfleet 
  5. Upgrow 
  6. Insight Engines
  7. Rally Health 

Now before you make up your mind to hire a remote software developer for your organization, it is advised to make a list of your requirements so that you can streamline your recruitment process. Please be informed that the greatest benefit of preparing everything in advance is that your entire hiring process will become smoother and you won’t experience any unexpected situation ahead.  

How Do Remote Development Teams Aid Startup Owners?

  1. They allow you to get access to limitless global talent.
  2. They help you take advantage of a cost-efficient hiring process
  3. They let you leverage the talent of developers from varying geographical locations, diverse backgrounds, and different cultures. 

On a closing note!

Thus, if you want to enjoy all the benefits we mentioned above while building your dream app or software, please hire remote developers from a trusted IT agency out there.

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