Reliable CVs: Tata, Bajaj & Mahindra For Commercial Purposes

Reliable CVs: Tata, Bajaj & Mahindra For Commercial Purposes

Being an entrepreneur or a small-scale fleet owner, you require reliable commercial vehicles. These vehicles support high earnings and productivity for commercial purposes. Ranging from electric-operated Tata Magic EV price to Blazo X 42 truck, Bajaj CNG offers versatility. 

Some require 3-wheeler auto-rickshaws, while others require Tata Ace tempo traveller, yet both are suitable for carrying passengers. Besides, the heavy-duty Mahindra Blazo has no comparison. Read the blog to learn how reliable CVs from Tata, Mahindra, and Bajaj ensure good performance. 

Mahindra Blazo X 42 Truck 

Multi Axle Trucks | Multiaxle Blazo x 42 - Mahindra Truck & Buses

The Blazo X 42 truck from Mahindra supports business growth and expansion. It is a high-power commercial truck ensuring convenient transportation. Also, its gross weight and payload capacity allow it to carry heavy loads. Moreover, this model delivers impressive mileage from a fuel-smart engine. The Mahindra Blazo X 42 price falls within the range of Rs. 40.16 Lakh and Rs. 40.36 Lakh.

Tata Magic EV

Tata Magic Electric 10 Seater EV Debuts - Range Up To 140 Km

The Tata Magic electric vehicle is an affordable tempo traveler. This makes it reliable for small and medium-scale businesses for higher earnings and growth. Also, it’s an ideal electric vehicle for cleaner transportation. This model is packed with powerful batteries charging the model quickly for a convenient trip. It is available at a fair price set for the users. 

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater/CNG Auto Rickshaw 

Bajaj Compact RE 3-Seater Diesel Auto Rickshaw in Kannur at best price by  SANKEERTH TVS - Justdial

The Compact RE 3-Seater/CNG from Bajaj is a compact-size auto rickshaw. It is an affordable mode of transportation for the passengers. Also, entrepreneurs leverage using this model for higher savings with improved fuel economy for convenient intra-city transit. This CNG auto price range in India is Rs. 2.34 and Rs. 2.35 lakh. 



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