My Orbi Router Won’t Update Firmware. Help Me!

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Is your Orbi router not installing the latest version of the firmware? If yes, then it might be because of a poor internet connection. Know that no matter whether you are using the Orbi app  to upgrade the router’s firmware or are carrying out the process with the help of a web browser, you should be connected to a sound internet connection. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to all the factors responsible for the internet.

In other words, we are asking you to pay attention to the Ethernet cable connection between your Netgear Orbi and the main modem. It should be finger-tight. But, you need to understand that making the connection strong won’t suffice. You also have to take care of the physical condition of the cable being utilized for the connection. It is not supposed to be damaged. Thus, if the current cable is found damaged, it is advised that you replace it with a new one. If you want to learn more about the LAN connection between your Orbi and the internet modem, you can check out the user manual.

Why Your Orbi Router Won’t Update Firmware?

Just in case the internet connection is not the responsible factor behind the failure of the firmware update process, it is suggested that you learn what other reasons can cause the problem

  1. Incompatible Firmware Version

An incompatible firmware version is another factor that stops you from updating the Orbi’s firmware. Know that uploading the wrong firmware file can make your WiFi router non-functional. Wrong firmware file can be a file that belongs to some other model or the one that is no longer supported by the router model you own.

  1. No Connection with the Router

The firmware update process of the Orbi router might also fail if your computer/mobile phone/laptop is not connected to the WiFi network of the router. You cannot expect the Orbi Netgear login  page to open and help you with the home network management process if the device used for the same is not connected to the router in any way.

So, these were the topmost reasons why Netgear Orbi router won’t update firmware. We are expecting that you’ve now understood the root cause behind the issue. Given that, let us now shift our focus to the techniques that you can use to achieve success with the firmware update process of your router.

Fixed: Orbi Router Won’t Update Firmware

  1. Upload the Correct Firmware File

The firmware file you upload on the Netgear Orbi WiFi router panel must be compatible with the router model you own. You are not allowed to upload the firmware file that does not belong to your WiFi router. Besides, be very certain that you are not uploading the obsolete firmware version. It impacts the performance of the router a lot.

  1. Connect Your Device to Router

You must understand that the Orbi router management process via any device will be successful only if you connect it to the WiFi network of the router. You are also free to use the Ethernet cable to connect your devices. But, make sure that you use only one connection at a time. Otherwise, IP conflicts may occur. Additionally, you need to ensure that the device being utilized for the router’s firmware update process itself is flaunting the latest software version.

The Final Words

After mending the Ethernet link and connecting your computer/laptop to the Orbi router, you will be able to update the router’s firmware easily. In case, all your efforts fail, you should do what you opt for when the Orbi blinking white situation shows up. Simply, look for and press the router’s Reset button through a sharp object. After you’re done, set up the Orbi mesh system once again from scratch.



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