Mastering Ecommerce Helpdesk: Boosting Sales and Customer Satisfaction

Providing the best customer service is the top priority for every business as it drives sales and promotes customer loyalty. To get this, businesses must focus on improving customer satisfaction at every point of the business.

Helpdesk software is one of the effective tools that can work well for improving customer satisfaction. With the right use of eCommerce helpdesk softwarebusinesses can succeed in customer support processes. Read more to get an insight into mastering the e-commerce help desk for improving sales and customer satisfaction:


Automation is an excellent way to take a step in the direction toward the ultimate goal of offering a better and faster experience for internal and external customers. Customer satisfaction levels can be greatly affected by automation. 

Automation eliminate steps from processes that can be completed without the need for a human. It makes the service desk run more quickly and guarantees that tickets arrive in the proper locations at the proper times.

Focusing First Contact Resolution

First contact resolution means that to solve the customer issues on the initial complaint. This type of resolution doesn’t need any other extra follow-ups. If the FCR rates are high, then it means higher customer satisfaction. 

High FCR saves the customers time and also avoids the frustration of the customer. FCR can be improved with the help of helpdesk software. It provides the agents with customer information, access to knowledge, and also the previous interactions.

With all the important resources in hand, the agents can quickly solve the concerns of the customers. This will increase the satisfaction of the customer and will reduce the resolution time.

Improving customer satisfaction and cost per contact

If you own a business, it is logical that you would want to produce the best quality product at the lowest cost possible. And there is no better way to do this than to continuously track both costs and quality. Due to this, some people claim that the only two factors you should pay attention, and they are price and quality.

The most efficient cost parameter for a help desk is cost per contact, and customer happiness is the best indicator of the quality of the product.

Making use of multi-channel support

Today, customers would like to interact with the business in various communication channels, including social media. An eCommerce helpdesk software with multi-channel support will be very useful for e-commerce businesses.

With the help desk software, businesses can manage customer queries in various channels, including phone, email, live chat, and social media. This will consolidate all customer interactions in a single location. 

Businesses can ensure consistent support with multiple channels. This multi-channel support will make the customers feel more valued and improve satisfaction rates.

Options for Self-Service

The knowledge base and service catalog that allows your service portal is important for connecting customers to all of the IT service desk’s capabilities. The consumer self-service feature of the service portal is its main objective. 

With the help of the service portal, you can access the company’s knowledge base and service catalog and also collect data. It helps to do away with the usual back-and-forth related to emails and phone calls. Customers can now see when their ticket will be resolved, and data collecting allows the activation of priority and routing automation.

More personalized customer support

Customers will like the interactions with businesses, which are much more personalized, which will make them feel more valued. When help desk software is integrated with customer relationship management (CRM), it will help in getting customer information. This information will include preferences, past interactions, and purchase history.

With this extensive insight and knowledge, the support agents can give personalized solutions to the customers. This personalized approach will improve the customer experience and will increase sales.

Use aggregate help desk.

Can a single indicator truly tell how well your support desk is performing overall? Yes, however, as the name suggests, it involves adding up a lot of indicators to generate a total score for help desk performance.

Having a single overall score for your help desk is important. It presents a balanced picture of help desk performance, and it would be best to use this as a balanced score. It simply makes use of the main data gathered at a support desk.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

One way to improve customer satisfaction is by using service-level agreements (SLA). They are a scope of work that shows the difference between the customer and service desk. SLA is about accountability for the level of service. 

SLAs is agreed by both those using the service and providing the service. You can use SLAs to give clear guidelines to follow. In this way, your customers know exactly when to expect answers to any follow-up questions.

Final thoughts

An ecommerce customer support software plays an important role in improving customer satisfaction. If you want to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction, then mastering the e-commerce help desk offers the best solution for business. To make the most out of the helpdesk software, you can hire a service provider who is well-versed in helpdesk software.



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