Hyundai vs. JCB: Form and Function in Construction

Hyundai vs. JCB Form and Function in Construction

Choosing the correct equipment for your construction needs is very much necessary. The right equipment can help you in doing the work efficiently and effectively. Hyundai and JCB are the two brands producing several pieces of equipment that differ in design.

Hyundai offers a sleek and modern design that mainly focuses on aesthetics. They specifically provide stylish machines providing comfort to the user and are high in technology. On the other hand, JCB prioritises practicality in designs. They produce durable and powerful machines that are high in performance.

Some of the brand’s machines that differ in design and highly useful are:


The Hyundai 210 SMART PLUS offers impressive features and is a versatile piece of construction equipment. It is equipped with an engine delivering 140 hp of power. The operating weight of the excavator is 21200 kg for better stability and digging performance. It features a bucket capacity of 0.87 cum for holding different loads.

Additionally, it has a maximum digging depth of 6220 mm for digging deep in the ground. Hyundai 210 excavator price in India is around 63 Lakhs.

JCB 4DX Backhoe Loader

The JCB 4DX Backhoe Loader is a heavy equipment that requires 130 litres of hydraulic oil to operate its hydraulic systems. It can extend its front loader arm to reach a maximum distance of 4950 mm when fully raised. The maximum operating weight of 8470 kg of the backhoe loader affects its stability and load-carrying capacity.

Moreover, the Backhoe loader has a bucket capacity of 2 cum for holding different materials and heavy loads. JCB 4DX price varies around 21 lakhs in India.

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