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A problem that concerns many people who have to move from one point of the city or country to another:  moving shoes and clothes, how do you move reality it is not as dramatic as you think, obviously you need to have company at your side with the essential tools to transfer and manage large objects. There are ladders and hydraulic lifts that help move the heaviest goods, the really scary ones. Then there are the daily accessories. So you find yourself packing the dishes, and preparing the boxes to move shoes and clothes. in these cases? Perhaps it may seem like a secondary problem because you also have to deal with the furniture mover, an obstacle that is impossible to overcome at first glance. A bit like when you have to move an entire kitchen or move a bedroom.


Buy clothing boxes for moving

While you wonder how to pack plates and glasses for moving, remember to make an important contribution to your move: buying boxes for your clothes. Yep, you’re too focused on keeping fragile items from breaking to remember that your clothes need specific realities. I know, you’ve already brought home a series of generic packages for various items, but if you care about your shirts, dresses and jackets you need to pay some extra attention. In this case, you have to purchase specific boxes.

Arrange the transfer of clothes immediately

First mistake to avoid: don’t leave the organization of shoes and clothes as the last step of the super movers. Indeed, managing the wardrobe is one of the first points of your move. In fact you have to empty the wardrobes, which will then be dismantled and transported to the new home.

Define a series of clothes that you will use for a certain period of time: the rest can already be prepared and inserted into the packages. And on this point you must pay maximum attention because you risk damaging your goods. In reality, it doesn’t take much to avoid damage.

How to pack clothes and clothes for moving?

There are some rules to have everything at hand when needed. First of all, remember to write down what is in the box on the cardboard, in order to speed up the organization activities in the new home. Above all, remember to put what you need in sight during the first days of your life at home: put out-of-season clothes at the back of the boxes and what you need at the forefront.


Like underwear. Maybe you can put the spare parts in the suitcases and the rest in the parcels. Storing clothes and putting them in moving boxes means making sure that everything is in order when you tidy up your home. When you do your own packing, make sure you organize the garments in the right way, labeling the packages. Here’s how to move shoes and clothes.

Containers suitable for moving shoes

Now you need to take into account another point: shoes. The best way to organize them during the move is simple: you have to use the original boxes, the ones they gave you at the time of purchase. If you no longer have these items you can use something similar , they can be bought online at low prices. And they are still a good solution to prevent shoes from getting ruined.

Basic tips for packing shoes

To pack the shoes that you need to move, it is right to follow a series of rules that allow you to preserve the footwear during a transition such as the one that involves removal companies Birmingham from one home to another. Shoes should be placed safely in boxes and surrounded by packing paper. For extra safety, also wrap your footwear in transparent film or tissue.

Prepare shoes, clothes and accessories for the move

Often the move from one house to another becomes a hub for tackling a series of steps that would otherwise never be taken into consideration. Well, one of these is the reevaluation of the wardrobe. Moving shoes and clothes can be the right opportunity to eliminate unnecessary burdens. 

Take into consideration what you really need, put in the boxes only what you want to bring to the home movers. The rest can be rethought as you see fit, but remember to avoid unnecessary passages from one residence to another.

How to prepare shoes for a move? Before putting everything in the boxes you could proceed with a good cleaning of the shoes before the move, so as to enable them to remain in storage for even a few weeks without problems. For the most important and delicate models you can also think about packaging with bubble wrap, which can never be missing from the moving kit.

Moving truck

The vans are capable of carrying approximately 35 quintals of cargo and are equipped with internal padding capable of protecting the furniture from possible damage.
Not all means of transport are the same, they are characterized by the dimensions of the load compartment and the maximum allowable amount of weight they can carry. To choose the right size, an evaluation of the weights to be transported is necessary, with particular attention to furniture that cannot be dismantled. The fare, however, also depends on the travel time, as well as the number of trips necessary to transport everything.

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