Guaranteed SEO Services: Why You Shouldn’t Trust Them

Guaranteed SEO Services

It is not an easy decision to pick a search engine optimization (SEO) firm. There are so many alternatives, each promising something that makes it unique among the rest.

Some of the SEO companies you come across may offer SEO guarantees (hint: good SEO companies will not). For example, they may tell you they will give you a determined number of first-page rankings or refund your money.

Initially, an SEO guarantee may seem like a good motive for choosing an SEO company. However, in reality, a guarantee means that this company will not perform well as far as SEO is concerned.

Continue reading to find out why guaranteed SEO may not be in your favor and also the kinds of things that you should look out for.

What are guaranteed SEO services?

The type of SEO service that provides guaranteed results is called guaranteed SEO services and mostly guarantees page-one rankings for a set of specific keywords.

In short, companies offering such guarantees will give you your cashback, provide free SEO work for some time, or make any other offer.

The majority of SEO guarantees to cover more than just first-page rankings for a specific number of keywords; they also limit the time to achieve these ranks.

By “guaranteed SEO services” or “SEO guarantees”, we don’t simply mean using moral SEO tactics, providing frequent updates on your performance, or anything of the sort. These are assurances for particular results, for example – high-rated positions on SERPs.

Why should one stay away from companies offering guaranteed search engine optimization (SEO)?

Many companies find it appealing when some SEO agencies promise to provide an SEO assurance, but such a guarantee can be misleading.

Nevertheless, it is prudent to note that settling for an SEO company offering assured search engine optimization services poses serious risks and often leads to unimpressive performance or, worse yet, considerable harm to rankings and business.

Search engines warn against SEO guarantees

The most intriguing rationale for avoiding SEO warranties involves search engines like Google which expressly warn businesses not to involve themselves with the SEOs who promise them results.

In Google’s Beginner SEO documentation in Google Search Central, Google says:

“Prospective SEO must present realistic estimates for improvement and state work involved. Anyone who says his adjustments will make you a number one is not fit to assist and you better seek help elsewhere.”

Additionally, Google states that “no one can promise you a #1 ranking on Google” and advises them to watch for SEOs that claim it.

A promise cannot be given for what is not within your power

Search engine rankings won’t be controlled by SEO agencies. However, since such a guarantee is only a promise that might not materialize, it raises ethical concerns.

When ranking on search engines, there are several things to take into account. Although SEOs have gained a great deal of knowledge from their studies and experiences, Google does offer some indications as to what its ranking algorithm looks for. However, the specifics of Google’s ranking algorithms are exclusive knowledge only, which is followed by our best SEO Company in India.

Even Google staff members are unable to anticipate with precision how websites will rank over time due to the dynamic nature of these algorithms.

Other factors outside of SEO professionals’ control, such as the SEO tactics of other websites focusing on your keywords, might affect where a website appears in search engine results pages. If a company’s product malfunctions, for instance, it could harm the company’s reputation and affect its ranking.

That doesn’t imply SEO companies can’t have an impact on rankings, though. Not all SEO specialists are capable of creating ranking criteria or implementing the necessary adjustments. However, no matter how skilled an SEO is, they will never be able to control SERPs—at least not in the few days that most SEOs promise.

Generic SEO practices are not effective

When it comes to SEO, one size does not fit all. Several strategies will need to be taken into account based on the level of competition in your sector, your location, and the frequency of searches for the keywords you want to use.

When a business provides every customer with the same SEO promise, it ignores their unique demands and functions in an impersonal manner. You want a customized SEO approach built around your unique business goals if you want to attain the best possible results.

What should one look for when choosing an SEO company?

What factors should you consider when selecting an SEO company if SEO guarantees should not be the primary consideration when searching for one?

When searching for an SEO partner, there are several aspects you should consider, as they will indicate whether or not this partner is dependable and will assist your company in reaching its objectives.

  • Knowledge and Education

It would be okay to work with an SEO agency if it can explain SEO or address some questions about your SEO strategy. That means they will be honest with you regarding their approach and what they can bring to the table.

  • They involve custom strategies and should be aligned with your objectives

In addition, the Best SEO Company in India will learn about your business before coming up with an exclusive plan that suits your objectives. It is important to steer clear of SEO firms that employ elementary and identical approaches. An SEO agency should start by knowing who you are, what you do, and your kind of industry involving conversing or surveying together. These people should make inquiries concerning your company’s problems, demands, and objectives.

  • Evidence and reasoning behind decisions

SEO companies should base their plans on credible information and be ready to justify why they chose what they did.

  • Results tracking and reporting

A genuine SEO company offers regular data analysis and reporting. Your SEO company should give you regular updates on its ongoing activities so that it builds trust with you.

These all are the factors you need to keep in mind while choosing an SEO company and don’t blindly rely on the one giving guarantees.



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