Get Professional Custom Pie Boxes To Boost Your Sales

personalized pie boxes

Pie is one of the top-rated bakery food products all over the globe. The pie is baked pastry dough that has a filling of different sweet, salty, or spicy elements. The apple pie is the most marketed type of pie in the bakeries. Moreover, pie is a delicate product that requires food-grade packaging that can withstand different conditions. Bakery brands use custom pie boxes for packaging the pies with full security. They can keep the product secure from damaging environmental factors that can spoil it.

The pie box is created with coated cardstock for grease opposition. You can customize them according to your specific packaging demands and choose the proper size and shape of the box according to the pie product. If the pie is small-sized, you should create a small pie box to fit the creation in the box to protect it from potential damage caused by poor handling and storage.

In addition, with professionally designed custom pie packaging, you can attract your target customers to your brand and boost your sales. This way, you can create a satisfactory brand image among your target clients in the food market.

What Is The Purpose Of Pie Boxes?

Bakery products are fragile and they need to be protected with a durable packaging material for transportation. If a poor quality packaging material is used, there are high possibilities of product damage. In addition to physical damage, bakery goods like pies can yield their aroma and surface due to variations in external conditions. But custom pie box packaging can give entire protection to the treats. 

When it comes to bakery items, the presentation of pie boxes matters a lot. With the help of personalized packaging design, you become the sole owner of your product presentation. You can use add-ons, impressive printing techniques, embossing, and debossing strategies for a pretty packaging style.

Choice Of Materials

After knowing all your design needs, the actual packaging-making process starts. Making the right choice of materials is necessary for your personalized pie packaging. The entire concept, customization choices, sturdiness, and overall presentation rely on this point. You can use kraft, cardstock, rigid, and corrugated material choices. So all the opportunities are there to select one material that best fits your design requirements.

Trendy Colorful Designs On Custom Pie Boxes

People love to purchase products that are encased in amazing and catchy boxes that are trending in demand. Consequently, this is the best approach to compete with your rival brand in the high market competition. The design of custom pie boxes affects customers’ purchase decisions. They like buying products that supply them with a happy and good user experience.

In addition, to differentiate your branded bakery products from others, you can use different color mixtures with images and graphics. That way, you can easily capture your target customers’ concentration on your pie products. Moreover, while making custom-printed pie boxes, you can utilize a minimal packaging system to give your product boxes a proficient look. 

For brands, using themed color designs matching your brand theme on the product boxes, like pie boxes can attract customers to your products. In addition, this factor helps buyers remember and recognize your brand’s product on their next visit to the retail store.

Customization options

We know that sometimes uncomplicated designs are not something the consumers prefer. Therefore instead of only offering the design of pie boxes wholesale and all the other options, you have customization to make your designs appear excellent. For example, you can have die-cut windows to showcase your pies in a more attention-grabbing way. Also, you can discuss all such design customization with experts in your team of designers. Their goal is to make your pie boxes the very best in every department.


Add-ons are additional features to make elegant triangle boxes wholesale. You can use ribbons, cartoon characters, etc. For making your add-ons charming, you can use spot UV, embossing, and debossing methods as per the necessity for your product. 


As there are multiple designs and materials available in the demand, in the same way, multiple printing techniques are also beneficial. You can use your creativity to get the maximum advantage out of it for your custom-printed pie boxes.

Some of the printing techniques are as follows:

  • Off-set printing 
  • Digital printing 
  • Flexography 
  • Silk screen printing 

Why Pie Packaging Is Necessary?

Pie packaging serves several essential purposes that are crucial for maintaining the quality, safety, and presentation of pies:

  1. Protection: Packaging for pies shields them from external factors like dust, moisture, and physical damage during handling and transportation. It helps to maintain the pie’s structural integrity, ensuring it reaches customers in good condition.
  2. Hygiene and Safety: Proper packaging maintains the hygiene of pies, safeguarding them from contamination and keeping them safe for consumption. It prevents direct contact with external elements that might compromise food safety.
  3. Freshness Preservation: Packaging helps to preserve the freshness of pies by preventing exposure to air, which can lead to moisture loss or staleness. This preservation extends the shelf life of the pies and ensures they retain their taste and quality.
  4. Convenience: Well-designed pie packaging facilitates easy handling and storage. It can include features like handles, inserts, or stackable designs that make it easier for customers to carry and store the pies, enhancing overall convenience.
  5. Visual Appeal and Branding: Packaging plays a significant role in presenting pies attractively. Eye-catching and informative packaging can entice customers, communicate product information, and reinforce branding, influencing purchasing decisions.
  6. Regulatory Compliance: Adequate pie packaging ensures compliance with food safety regulations and standards. It may include labeling requirements for ingredients, nutritional information, allergens, and more, ensuring transparency and compliance with laws.


If you are running a bakery business then you must use the custom pie boxes to give your baked pies a professional look. These boxes can give the required protection to your product with a suitable presentation. In short, durable material, catchy colorful designs, a variety of customizations, add-ons, and printings make the impressive packaging to boost your sales.



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