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The education industry has witnessed tremendous changes in the past decade owing to rapid mobile adoption and the advancement of technologies. Traditional classroom learning gradually evolves into blended models that leverage digital tools for content delivery, collaboration and assessments. Educational institutions and online learning platforms increasingly adopt education apps and e-learning solutions to engage the modern generation of tech-savvy students and improve learning outcomes. This has opened promising opportunities for learning app development companies to offer specialized education app development services.

Mobile Apps for Education

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have emerged as the most personal and ubiquitous mode of accessing information. A well-designed education mobile app can deliver interactive course material, facilitate collaborative learning and empower students with on-the-go access to knowledge. Mobile apps make learning more engaging and fun and supplement classroom teachings. Elearning app developers offer the following key mobile app development services:

  • Native iOS and Android App Development: Apps developed natively using platform-specific technologies like Swift/Objective-C and Java/Kotlin offer the best performance and access to device capabilities. Tekki Web Solutions focuses on building highly intuitive and responsive education apps for both platforms.
  • Hybrid App Development: Hybrid frameworks like React Native, Flutter, and Ionic allow the building of single codebase apps that run natively on multiple devices. Tekki leverages hybrid technologies for cross-platform education apps’ rapid, cost-effective development.
  • Game-based Learning Apps: Gamification of education can boost learner motivation and cognition. Tekki develops immersive game apps across various subjects utilizing the latest gaming engines and interactive elements.
  • Digital Textbooks and eBooks: Instead of print textbooks, Tekki helps build engaging e-textbook apps that support multimedia content, note-taking, highlighting and collaborative discussions.
  • Campus Utility Apps: The company designs useful campus apps for activities like homework submission, attendance tracking, timetable/syllabus view, online payment of fees etc.
  • AR/VR Apps: Augmented and Virtual Reality open new vistas for experiential learning. Tekki develops AR/VR-based apps for STEM domains through interactive 3D simulations.

Web-based Platforms for Online Learning

In addition to mobile apps, eLearning companies provide web-based solutions to support the digital transformation of education. Some key services include:

Custom E-learning Platforms

For building tailored online learning solutions from the ground up based on client requirements. Tekki’s platforms are robust, scalable and packed with advanced features.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

For implementing and configuring third-party or in-house developed LMS for functions like online enrollment, course creation, tests, assessments etc.

Course Authoring and Management Tools

These web-based tools enable subject matter experts and teachers to easily create, organize and publish interactive digital courses and learning content without technical assistance.

Online/Blended Courseware

Complete online self-paced courses mapped to curricula with multimedia lessons, assignments, quizzes, and certifications on various topics.

Learner Portals and Dashboards

Learner-centric portals provide single sign-on access to enrolled courses, customized content per skills/interests and performance analytics.

Faculty/Administration Tools

Purpose-built web portals provide faculty tools for course management, student supervision and admin interfaces for data-driven decision making.

Assessment and Certification

Objective and unbiased assessment of learner progress is critical for quality assurance and credentials. Elearning developers offer:

Digital Testing and Evaluation Tools

For creating, scheduling and conducting online objective/subjective assessments through user-friendly test authoring interfaces.

Proctoring and Monitoring Solutions

To ensure the academic integrity of remote exams through AI-based automated or human proctoring of test-takers via webcam.

Certification and Badging Platforms

For issuing, verifying and tracking completion certificates, digital badges and statements of participation in courses.

Competency-based Assessments

Customizable online testing models evaluate mastery of skills instead of time spent in traditional exams.

Analytics Dashboards

Data reporting and visualization dashboards provide in-depth exam performance insights for administrators and subject experts.

Custom Application Development

Besides standard platforms, specialized education needs often warrant tailored programming solutions. Tekki’s expertise lies in:

Developing Administrative Interfaces

For student information systems, ERP integrations, attendance tracking, fee payments etc.

Collaboration and Communication Tools

Real-time group chats, video conferencing, and peer-feedback functionalities for virtual classrooms.

Adaptive Learning and Recommendation Systems

We use advanced algorithms to personalize learning and suggest the most relevant resources to learners.

AI and ML Applications

We are integrating AI/ML techniques like predictive analytics and automated essay scoring to enhance teaching-learning.

Immersive Technologies

Interesting VR science simulations or AR history walking tours are brought to life.

Maintenance and Support

End-to-end project execution includes post-delivery support through:

Application Management and Hosting

Managed services for updates, backups, servers and infrastructure maintenance.

Content Updates and Migration Services

Changes to courses, catalog integration with client CMS/LMS and data portability help.

Performance Optimization

Cleveland of bugs, optimization of resource usage, testing for cross-browser compatibility.

Custom Enhancements and New Feature Development

Continuous product improvement based on evolving needs.

Why Choose Tekki Web Solutions?

Tekki Web Solutions Inc. is a leading global Elearning app development company with vast experience designing and developing diverse education technology solutions over 15+ years. With their dedicated teams of over 100 qualified developers, designers and quality analysts, Tekki ensures the design of secure, accessible and scalable digital products as per the highest industry standards. Some key advantages include:

  • Expertise across all learning domains and types of institutions
  • Proven track record of 250+ projects delivered worldwide
  • Agile methodologies for rapid prototyping and minimal development cycles
  • Robust product testing and adherence to standard compliance
  • Competitive and transparent pricing models
  • Dedicated project managers for smooth execution
  • Post-deployment support and maintenance

Take engaging and efficient learning through our carefully designed eLearning application development process. Our team of highly skilled designers, developers and experts in education work together to build a dynamic platform that offers an enjoyable and enjoyable learning experience for learners from all backgrounds and ages.

  1. Ideation and planning: The process starts by thoroughly understanding your eLearning objectives and your intended viewers. We develop ideas, establish the learning goals, and sketch the application’s structure. This is the first step in laying the foundation to create a custom eLearning solution that perfectly aligns with your ideals.
  2. Content Strategy Content lies at the core of every successful eLearning application. Our educators work with you to create the content and develop or create relevant content that connects with students. We are focused on providing captivating multimedia content such as interactive quizzes, videos, and assessments to create the most immersive learning experience.
  3. User-centric design: An appealing, user-friendly, visually pleasing interface is vital for a successful learning experience. Our skilled designers create attractive layouts, captivating visuals and a smooth navigation process to create environments that promote exploration and retention of knowledge.
  4. Development and Iteration: Our expert development team will bring your eLearning application to life using cutting-edge technologies. We create strong features, interactive components, and responsive designs to ensure smooth performance across different devices. Recurrent updates and feedback loops ensure that the app complies with high-quality standards.
  5. Interactive Features Interactivity plays a crucial role in a successful learning experience. We incorporate interactivity elements like discussion forums, gamification assessment in real-time, and progress monitoring. These tools encourage participation, collaboration, and healthy competition among learners.
  6. Qualitative Assurance: Before launch, our rigorous testing process ensures that the app works perfectly. We conduct thorough tests to find and fix any glitches, bugs, or usability issues, ensuring an enjoyable experience for learners and educators.
  7. Launch and deployment: With extensive testing, we can deploy the eLearning application on your chosen platform, including iOS, Android, web or a combination. Our team will provide assistance and guidance during the process of launching and ensure that your app will be viewed by users efficiently.
  8. Continuous Improvement: Post-launch, our commitment continues. We monitor the engagement of users as well as performance metrics and collect feedback from users. Every month, updates and improvements are implemented to improve the app’s functionality, contents and overall experience.
  9. Technical Assistance: We offer ongoing technical support that can address any issues or questions that might arise. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring the app runs smoothly, allowing learners and educators to focus on their learning experience.


In the digital era, well-designed education technology is pivotal in enriching teaching-learning experiences and improving learner outcomes. Elearning app development companies like Tekki are at the forefront of innovating impactful and engaging ed-tech products. Their specialized services enable educational institutes to effectively adopt new-age tools and pedagogies for empowering students globally.



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