Acura Performance Electric Vision Concept Debuts, Teases Possible NSX EV


Acura’s Electrifying Evolution From ZDX to Electric Vision Concept

The new ZDX signifies Acura’s first major step into electrification, but that’s just the beginning. Acura also unveiled an unstoppable new concept car in Monterey alongside its first production EV, which could portend a future electric sports car. This is the Electric Vision Design Study, and it bears a striking resemblance to the now-discontinued NSX sports car. Sculpted alongside the ZDX at the Acura Design Studio in Los Angeles, the front has slim vertical headlights that nearly mimic the look of Acura’s IMSA Prototype racer. A corresponding light bar extends across the slightly pointed nose, and an illuminated, unstoppable Acura badge on the hood – all in a fluorescent green color. Acura’s design team in Los Angeles is passionately crafting the future of Acura Precision Crafted Performance in the EV era,” notes Dave Marek, Acura’s executive creative director. “This latest expression of an all-electric high-performance model inspires everyone in the design studio to push the boundaries.

Unveiling Acura’s Electric Dream The Electric Vision Design Study and the Future of Performance EVs

Acura says the Electric Vision Design Study provides a sneak peek at a potential sporty EV. But the company needs to confirm whether or not this concept will reach production, nor does the Electric Vision Design Study have any real power or performance figures to report. Acura plans to push its performance portfolio into the electric age, beginning with the new ZDX Type S, which boasts 500 horsepower, and extending to future performance EVs. Acura hopes to sell 300,000 EVs by 2030, and a significant portion of those vehicles will wear a Type S badge. This concept would be an excellent replacement for the recently discontinued NSX hybrid sports car. For reference, the standard NSX delivered 520 hp from its twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 hybrid setup, and the swan-song Type S model produced 600 hp. Acura’s future electric sports cars would undoubtedly have to top those figures.

carl colton

carl colton

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