7 Most Important Things to Consider When Buying Exterior Paint in the USA

Picking the same set of colors for painting the exteriors of your house has always been a safe move. However, it can turn boring with time and also restrict you from making a unique style statement.

So when it comes to finding exterior paint in KY Lexington for your home there is an extensive range of colors to choose from. The following section is not about any product-specific paint option. Read till the very end to learn about the different qualities of exterior paints based on your budget and requirements. You must look beyond what the manufacturers claim. Certain characteristics help distinguish between a good and a great quality exterior paint.

Gloss and color retention

Exposure to direct sunlight degrades the strength of pigment and binder in paint. With time the paint starts chalking and loses its gloss. Every type of exterior paint USA tends to lose some amount of color and gloss with time. However, low-grade paint tends to fade away faster.

Latex-based paints and oil-based paints usually lose their flexibility and start flaking earlier than acrylic paints. Hence best to purchase mid-grade acrylic paint for long long-lasting finish.

Low-temperature application and moisture resistance

Recently the paint industry has come up with more advanced qualities of paint that last fall a long period. Also, these paints are safer to use even under light rain.

The new grade of paints can also withstand high temperatures and exposure to sunlight. The new range of paints is suitable for application even when the surface temperature is 35 degrees or more. One need not use any special tools or techniques to paint under harsh weather conditions. The only thing to consider is that the surface and air temperature should go above 35 degrees.

Painting projects usually go behind schedule because of unpredictable weather conditions. Oftentimes exterior wall painting comes to a halt as there is a chance of a shower. These things are annoying as they delay the project and cause loss of money and resources.

Some of the new range of products provides more control over the schedule even when one cannot control the weather. Many of these moisture-resistant products allow people to paint till the time of rain without any worries. However, it is always best to stop painting a couple of hours before expected rain.


The durability of exterior paint in KY Lexington helps determine how good and how long it will hold up with the elements of nature. Home owners are always guns and about this factor, a lot of money is purchasing paint as well as hiring a painting contractor.

There are independent consumer testing facilities that conduct tests to simulate outdoor exposure on painted surfaces. If the results come from trustworthy and biased sources it can give you a clear idea of the durability of the paint.

Alternatively at the time of purchasing exterior paints, one can look for the length of the manufacturer’s warranty. It is assumed that homeowners need to repaint their homes every seven years on average. So there is no point in expecting that exterior paints will retain their finish for 20 or 30 years. Different warranty periods indicate different levels of quality.


This is an area that most people tend to misunderstand and creates a lot of confusion. The whole idea of paint coverage is quite appealing but not for someone planning a weekend DIY project. With proper paint application on the right surface, pain coverage can help save a lot of money and labor. However, inserting in cases affects the quality of the paint job and results and a massive failure.

The application of paint is no rocket science. If the paint contractor can maintain the right thickness will be able to achieve the coverage of two quotes with a single court of paint. However, the problem starts when the exterior paint in KY Lexington is not applied with proper thickness. As a result, the surface requires another repaint in the near future.


Paint sheen is another important factor that one needs to consider before applying the paint on a particular surface.  Flat paints are suitable for hiding in imperfections on any surface. Besides they also tend to touch up well. The drawback to most of them is that they attract more dirt and do not wash in comparison to more shiny alternatives.

Semi-gloss, gloss, or high gloss

Most people do not prefer to use shiny paint for their siding as reflections cause a lot of distraction. But glass pen finish paints have a harder film and 10 to be more durable. Also, they are more durable. Gloss paints are a good choice for painting windows, doors, trims, etc. As these areas are touched the most and are also subject to rain and snow.

Oil or latex-based paint

The use of oil-based paints has reduced dramatically. As government laws continue to become stricter on volatile organic compounds. Oil-based paints have completely disappeared from the market. Another major reason is that it can never match the performance of 100% acrylic products available in the market. These paints remain flexible for a longer period than oil-based paints. Also, these can retain the color and finish much better.

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Popular exterior paint shades

Now that you have an idea of the quality of paint to choose for painting the exterior of your home, you can make an informed decision. Let us take a look at the latest color trends that will surely help you in creating a great-looking home

Whitetail (Sherwin-Williams 7103)

For those who prefer creamy and off-white exterior paint colors Whitetail (Sherwin-Williams 7103) can be a great choice. Off-white colors reflect less light and hence are easier on the eye when the sun is hitting the surface.

Deep Ocean (Benjamin Moore 2058-30)

This shade of royal blue is relatively subtle and takes inspiration from the Deep Blue Ocean color. The shade also carries a hint of black giving it a bit of deepness and dimension. Pairing it with the right shade of red and white can add a historical look to your house.

Accessible Beige (Sherwin-Williams 7036)

If you are someone who prefers to have a simple tan or beach color on the exterior of your home, look for lighter hues. Accessible Beige (Sherwin-Williams 7036) is your perfect choice and gives the exteriors a clean and classic look. Light shades look good as they capture less sunlight and do not peel away.

Umbria Red (Benjamin Moore 1316)

A trend that has been continuing for the last few years is painting the door of the house in a favorite color. Umbria Red (Benjamin Moore 1316) is a popular choice that gives a stunning and vibrant look.

Basil (Sherwin-Williams 6194)

It is one of the most popular shades of green and suitable for those that prefer to have dark exteriors. The color works particularly well on large structures. You can choose to pair it with shades of dark brown or white to further accentuate the natural theme.

Normandy (Benjamin Moore 2129-40)

Normandy is a saturated Sion Blue shield that makes the exterior of a house bold and beautiful. You need to carefully select the trim and accent colors as it would further enhance the overall look of the house.

White Dove (Benjamin Moore OC-17)

This shade is suitable for all kinds of buildings. The soft color helps add a classic finish and it can be an excellent choice for exterior trims as well.

October Mist (Benjamin Moore 1495)

It is another popular color in this list that takes inspiration from the stem of flowers. If you are someone who prefers to have calm and simple exteriors then this would be the right choice

Veri Peri, Pantone Color of the Year 2022

It is an excellent periwinkle blue with an undertone of rich violet. While this is not a popular exterior paint in KY Lexington people like to have such shades on their exteriors.

Ways of finding the right color for your home exterior

Picking the right exterior paint becomes a tricky task. While searching the internet is quite easy for trending exterior paint USA you also need to take the following factors into account

  • The architectural style of your home
  • Current exterior color trends
  • The existing exterior color of your house

If you are not sure about the color to choose, it would be best to reach out to a local painting company for the best guidance. They would be more than happy to provide you with a detailed color consultation. Besides they have dedicated exterior painters who guide clients and pick out the best exterior paint in Lexington for their homes.

One of the most critical aspects of any home is the exterior color. So you can always trust an experienced exterior paint USA shop with the task. They always make certain that they are clients get the best color recommendation and finish. They suggest painting quality and technique after analyzing the condition of the building. This ensures a long-lasting finish that can be relied on for several years to come.



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