7 Family Command Centre Ideas to Reduce Stress and Save Time 

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What is a family command centre? It is a designated area to keep the schedule, reminders and required items in one place. Members of the family can take things and go as they please. People can check their schedules and coordinate with other members of the family. There can be different ways to prepare this centre. Here are a few examples: 

A family command center is what? It is a distinct space where the schedule, reminders, and other objects can all be kept together. Family members are free to take and leave items as they wish. People are able to check their calendars and communicate with other family members. There are numerous approaches to set up this center. Here are a few illustrations:

A Command Center Made with Wire Baskets 



A command centre with wire baskets at the entryway can be very useful to keep items ready to take outside the house. This idea also includes family members saving time and energy on packing as well.  

Items that are rarely useful inside the house can be easily forgotten in a moment of hurry while packing to leave. But if they are displayed in wire baskets at the entry way, people can pick them up before leaving, reducing the stress of keeping everything in mind. 


A Command Center with Mini Stations 




There are so many things that a family leaves scattered across the house, such as notebooks, magazines, loose paper with notes on them and others. When a family member needs an item, it cannot be found.  

An idea to solve this problem is to compile them all at the command centre in different designated cabinets so that no one will stress about where to find any item they need. It will also save on the time one would spend looking for items needed. 


A Chalkboard Command Center 



Let’s reduce the chances of forgetting the schedule with a chalkboard at the command centre. The stress of keeping one’s schedule in mind comes hand in hand with living one’s life. This chalkboard can serve as a good reminder of not only one’s own daily schedule but also the entire family’s. This helps with planning future events. Planning a day with the entire family at Escapology in Blvd Suite? Write it down!  

Family members can also save time and energy by noting all their engagements on the chalkboard, so no event overlaps with another. Let’s waste less paper on notetaking and use this idea to make your notetaking environmentally sustainable. 


A Minimalist Command Center 


A family command centre need not be fancy. Having too many things to check on and look at can make someone antsy. The purpose of a family command centre is to save time and keep things in order. A command centre with minimal decoration can calm the hectic mind. 

This idea is quite versatile in nature. The command centre can just be a schedule for the entire family. This will help reduce wastage of space as this command centre can be placed anywhere in the house. A decluttered space can help with stress relief.  

For the entire family, even the little ones, there is a command center. While adults plan children’s schedules, offering them activities to do at the command center can get them ready for the future.

Giving kids little checklists to complete is supposed to help them learn how to maintain a schedule. Additionally, it helps parents free up time spent trying to recall every last aspect of their kids’ days. By allowing the kids some choice over their routine, it lessens the strain of having to prepare everything for them.


A Practical Command Center for Children  


A command centre exists for the entire family, including the little ones. While the schedule for children is planned by adults, giving them something to do at the command centre can prepare them for the years to come. 

The idea is that giving them small checklists to fill out will help children understand how to keep a schedule. It also helps the parents save time on remembering every little detail about their children’s day. It reduces the stress of preparing everything for the children by giving them some control over their schedule. 


A Countertop Command Center 


A family command centre is made for the purpose of coordinating schedules and keeping items in hand. This is especially the case in the mornings when everyone is in a rush, and they need to check their schedule quickly or take essential items for their morning routine.  

So, a countertop family command centre will not only save everyone’s time but also reduce the stress of looking for one’s items all over the house. The idea is that everyone already assembles for their morning routine near the countertop, so their schedules, reminders and essential items will be easier for them to find here. 


A Hidden Cabinet Command Center 


Trying to save space? A family command centre need not always be out in the open. It can be part of a cabinet to reduce the cluttering of the open spaces. There is no need to take on any stress on misplacing essential items since things cannot just walk out of a cabinet. 

Applying this idea also saves time since there is no need to decorate or keep the family command centre tidy. All it requires is to be kept in order.  


Just because a family command centre is made for keeping one’s daily drudgeries in check does not mean it has to be boring. This space is essentially made to save time and reduce stress. But it can be adjusted to one’s needs even more. The ideas on this list were a few ways to do just that. Let’s give even the most boring parts of our lives a bit of style.

To organize schedules and keep everything organized, a family command center is created. This is particularly true in the mornings when everyone is rushing around and needs to quickly check their schedules or gather the things they need for their morning ritual.

Therefore, a countertop family command center would not only save everyone time, but also lessen the stress of having to search around the entire house for their belongings. The thought is that since everyone gathers for their morning ritual close to the countertop, their schedules, reminders, and necessities will be simpler for them to locate here.



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