11 Examples of Highly Shareable Content

1. Infographics

Infographics are the favorites when it comes to sharing and the main reason for this is that they provide quality information for quick consumption. This is possible through the format’s main characteristic of offering relevant information to the public in an excellent visual layout. 

With an infographic you create a timeline, tell a story, or present your content in flowcharts, statistics, or maps.

The aesthetic factor weighs heavily on the user’s decision-making when sharing, but a good agenda is certainly the fundamental point.

2. Guides

Valuable materials can also become shareable content and guides are an excellent example of this. When you gather information to solve a specific pain point for your persona — and you actually manage to do that — the chances of it being shared are great.

For example, if a communications agency decides to share a guide for their audience to develop a good marketing plan, they will be more willing to share it with other potential clients.

The guides generally answer the “how” of a problem. Discover your audience’s biggest questions and create epic guides. Visit our site

3. Lists

Materials in list format stand out in the reader’s eyes. The reason is quite simple: it is easier to manage expectations and the information becomes more objective.

This article, for example, talks about 11 examples of highly shareable content. This is clearer than just saying that we will present some examples of this content.

If you can present x steps or tips to solve a problem, chances are that it will attract the user. When he discovers that this information really helps in a certain situation, he will probably share the content with other people in the same situation.

4. Videos

Videos are one of the most consumed content formats today. They are dynamic, faster (compared to reading time), and also offer information in a much more digestible way.

Video content tends to be shared more on social networks precisely because its nature recalls the world of entertainment.

Rock Content video about Interactive Content – ​​A way to engage and transmit the message in a more playful way.

 As it is a format that engages the public, this type of content is more likely to be shareable. The most interesting thing in this sense is that video content can convey an infinite number of messages.

You can offer information, beautiful images, or simply a demonstration of your solutions. If the user is interested, they will probably share it with other people who also identify with the subject.

5. Memes

One of the best British writers connect with the public, the meme is an excellent opportunity to generate emotions, usually with a good dose of humor. Despite being a content format often produced by users themselves, it is possible to create memes that represent the persona’s everyday situations.

A very interesting example was the meme using Chico Buarque’s album cover.

6. Limited Promotions

The most popular British content format for those who are investing in sales strategies. Promotions that are limited by a time or stock period are an excellent opportunity to generate audience engagement.

This is because limiting promotion creates a sense of urgency. So, the tendency is for people to take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.

In this sense, the urgency of sharing also comes into play, as the user feels the need to share the chance with their acquaintances who are also looking for the product or service offered.

7. Current facts

Unlike evergreen content, news has a relationship with temporality. It could be something related to a seasonal date such as Christmas, Black Friday, Carnival, and Mother’s Day. Furthermore, the news may be linked to some event or event, such as the World Cup.

It is not positive to create a strategy based only on current facts because they have a short period of use. On the other hand, they are high-impact topics, increasing their ability to go viral.

The LGPD — General Data Protection Law — for example, was shocking news for those who work in digital marketing. Although it is still an important fact today, it no longer generates as much engagement for professionals in the field.

8. Interactive content

User experience is very important, especially when it comes to shareable content. This is because the better the experience a person has with a certain material, the greater the chances that that person will forward it to their contacts.

Interactive content allows the user to achieve an active experience with the material. This can be in a more relaxed format, such as the famous quizzes, but it can also be focused on a solution offered by your brand, as is the case with the construction of calculators and even interactive videos.

A successful case from Rock Content was The Fantastic Persona Generator, which allowed the user to create personas for their business using the tool.

9. Stories

Storytelling shows how much humanity connects and engages through stories. Sharing cases and other true stories is an excellent opportunity to create shareable content.

Plus, you have the chance to show how a solution you offer can truly drive success for your customers.

10. Controversial opinions

One of the shareable contents that can generate the most engagement with the public is controversial topics. To invest in this content format, the first point is to be very clear about the brand’s personality and the audience’s values.

After all, expressing an opinion on a subject that has already heated up social media can have a negative impact on the brand.

If you are sure of your position, don’t be afraid or shy away from discussions. This process of interacting with the public and sometimes dividing opinions can be a good start to generating a relationship with the public.

When in doubt, take a neutral stance on the situation, asking what people think or prefer. For example: Which is better: Nescau or Toddy? 

11. Images

In addition to visual stimuli gaining space with digital environments, social networks with an exclusive focus on images, such as Instagram, are the success of the moment.

So, nothing better than creating eye-catching and shareable visual content. Quotes, tips, and images that reinforce a lifestyle are great for users to share.




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