Rudraksha: Sacred Beads for Health and Life


Rudraksha have been used for very ancient centuries in India and Nepal for spiritual and medicinal purposes. They are associated with theLord Shiva ( Shankara) and it should be worn as a symbol of devotion to receive his protection and blessings. It suggested to wear by people to get relief from stress, improve concentration and ward off negative energies. 2 mukhi Rudraksha, 3 Mukhi Rudraksha, 4 Mukhi Rudraksha to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha are consider a powerful healing tool, especially for meditation to gain inner peace.

What are Rudraksha beads?

Rudraksha beads are harvested from the seeds inside the fruit of several species of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree. Raw rudraksha fruits have a beautiful bright blue skin, leading to the nickname “blueberry beads”. Elaeocarpus trees can only be found in specific areas because they only grow in a certain altitude and climate. Most Rare Rudraksha Mala beads and Naturally grown beads are usually harvested from the Himalayas, Nepal, India and Indonesia Since very long time. This tree grows very quickly and single one can produce up to 2,000 fruits each year of different mukhi of rudraksha.

The seeds have a natural hole in the middle, making them a natural bead for use in necklaces and bracelets. These seeds have natural segments or “faces” called mukhis. The most commonly used and popular mukhi of rudraksha is 5 mukhi Rudraksha. A single rudraksha tree will bear fruit that contains seeds with all different numbers of mukhi.

History of Rudrakshas

Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word meaning “Tears of Shiva” Beacause, Rudra means ‘Shiv Ji’ and Aksha means’ Tears’. Ancient Indian scriptures tell the story of how Shiva created this tree. According to legend, Shiva returned from a long meditation with compassion so strong that he wept. When his tears hit the ground, they turned into rudraksha trees. The spiritual uses and significance of the rudraksha have been mentioned elsewhere, such as in the ancient Sanskrit texts Devi-Bhagavata Purana, Rudrakshajabala Upanishad and Mantra Maharnava.

Benefits of wearing Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha mala are commonly use by yogis and Buddhists as a spiritual talisman for good luck. It is oftenly believe that benefits of wearing a rudraksha mala will bring good luck  & prosperity to the wearer and protect you from the bad energy. Some wear them as proof of their faith, while others wear them for their health benefits.

Rudraksha Bracelet beads are say to bring various benefits to those who wear them and use them in meditation. These benefits are even backe by science. Rudraksha seeds have natural electromagnetic properties that encourage prana or energy to flow freely in the energy channels and chakras of our body. They are believe to improve blood flow, calm the heart, and prevent high blood pressure, heart attacks, and otherwise eliminate body toxins.

Rudraksha are commonly strung into a Rudraksha mala for wearer. This is similar to other religions that use strings of prayer beads, such as the rosary in the Catholic religion.

Many people wear a single rudraksha for its spiritual and healing powers. They would often choose a particular mukhi for its unique benefits of rudraksha. For example, 5 mukhi Rudraksha, it is believe to help treat heart disease and reduce blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Shanmukhi has six faces and increases will power, courage, wisdom, intellect and creativity. Gowri Shankar has only two faces and is beneficial for married people to promote balance and prosperity and activate the seven chakras.

Guidelines for using Rudraksha

There are a few important things to keep in mind while using Rudraksha beads. Rudrakshas are very powerful and can last for many years if properly maintained.

  • Rudrakshas are considere sacred instruments and should be treate with respect and reverence.
  • It is recommende to wear the beads so that they touch your skin.
  • Keep Rudrakshas in a pure and sacred manner like in a mala bag or on your altar.
  • Do not place your rudraksha on the ground or any other impure surface.
  • It is not recommende to sleep or shower with the small one on.
  • Keep your rudraksha beads clean and wipe them with a soft cloth if needed. You can lightly coat them with coconut or other oil to prevent them from drying out and cracking. If you use the rudraksha mala often, it will naturally be lubricate with your body oil in your hands. Larger beads will require more frequent lubrication.
  • The more care you give to your rudraksha, the longer they will shower you with their benefits.

Do you use Rudraksha beads for meditation?

Rudraksha Mala beads are an Ancient bead to help focus and calm the mind for meditation. 4 mukhi rudraksha malas are particularly powerful in promoting inner peace, harmony, memory, concentration and self-realization. Traditionally, there should be 108 beads in a Japa mala with one additional bead serving as the Guru or teacher bead. A mala is use to count repetitions of Sanskrit mantras or other sacred prayers that are the focus of japa meditation.

When and how to wear Rudraksha beads

The mala can be wear at any time, although it is traditionally recommende to remove it during a funeral, sleeping, visiting a newborn, having sex, or defecating. The rudraksha needs to be cleanse and energized before wearing and can then be wear immediately after the purification ritual is complete. Individual rudrakshas are usually wear around the neck, while mala beads can be wear as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist.

Rudrakshas are perhaps the most powerful spiritual tool you can wear for protection, spiritual healing and to achieve a calmer mind. However, wearing rudrakshas is not just a matter of picking up a strand and putting it on; they should only be wear by those who wish to be on a spiritual path and are open to receiving the healing vibrations of these beads.

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