Camping One: Essential Things to Make a Cabin Functional and Efficient

Did you just get a cabin and want to make it more functional? Then keep reading! Cabins are a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy the great outdoors while staying cozy and sheltered during trips. But to make a cabin a safe haven during your trips, it’s ideal to make it functional.

And since cabins are shelters that are almost always located in remote areas, you can’t just simply get essential items in it quickly and easily since each trip to the cabin can be quite long-drawn-out. So making it functional as soon as you can is ideal!

Well, before heading to your cabin this weekend, we made a list of things you need to get up there to make it more functional and efficient for your next trips. So check out everything you need to gather down below:

1 – Food & water + cooking utensils

One of the essentials you need for every trip to a remote area has got to be food and water! So before heading out make sure to pack some:

  • Canned goods – This is a great food source to consider since this doesn’t go bad fast, it’s space efficient and affordable and you can leave some in your cabin for food stock for next time. Just make sure to get easy-open cans or have a can opening with you.
  • Instant noodles – Instant noodles or cup noodles are also a great option to stock your pantry with since this doesn’t go bad fast, it’s affordable and only requires hot water to make.
  • Snacks – Consider packing some snacks may it be marshmallows for campfires, chips, crackers, cookies, biscuits and so on. Much better to consider the ones that are packed and sealed to prevent them from getting bad, you can also leave these types of snacks in the cabin since these do not get bad quickly.
  • Fruits and veggies – For quick trips, make sure to have fruits and veggies with you to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy diet, especially when out in the wilderness– you’ll need good immunity!
  • Clean drinking water – Always make sure to have clean drinking water with you! You can consider bringing gallons of water during trips or (if your cabin has running water) installing a water filter tap. Water filter taps can turn your tap faucet water into clean water that’s safe to drink since it filters out all the impurities.
  • Condiments – To make meals more enjoyable make sure to bring some condiments! May it be the simple ones like salt, pepper, ketchup, mayo, paprika and whatever your heart pleases.
  • Energy bars – If your trips include hikes make sure to pack some energy bars with you. These are great since they don’t make you feel heavy and full but keep you energized.
  • Stove – Portable stoves are a great way to cook food when camping out. You can consider canister-top stoves, electric stoves, wood-burning stoves and so on. 
  • Dining utensils – To eat comfortably consider bringing spoons and forks, plates, tumblers, cups and food containers.
  • Cutting equipment – Examples are axes, scissors and knives. This is ideal to have for various reasons like cooking, cutting up firewood and many more.

2 – Bedding

Of course, you’ll want to sleep soundly in your cabin and a way to do that is by having bedding! You don’t need a whole bed frame and a lux mattress, all you need are simple essentials to have a good night’s rest during your camping trips. Here are some to consider:

  • Hammock – A great way to enjoy outdoor naps is a good hammock! Take one and make sure to pack everything that comes with it such as its hooks, the hammock net and its straps.
  • Sleeping bag – This is a fast and easy sleeping essential to consider since it’s space-efficient and easy to pack and bring during trips.
  • Blankets – To keep you warm and snug during your trip, bring some blankets whether it’s to keep you warm during campfire gatherings, chilly mornings or when you sleep at night.
  • Inflatable pillows and mattresses – Although you can consider bringing actual pillows and a mattress for your cabin, you might also want to consider inflatable ones. These are space-efficient, easy to set up and are waterproof. Plus inflatable bedding doesn’t catch bed bugs, unlike other types of beddings.

3 – Camping equipment 

Camping equipment is things you’ll usually need when out in the wilderness or even for emergencies. So this might be the last but it’s certainly not the least! So consider the listed items before heading out:

  • Maps & GPS – To make sure you don’t get lost when wandering around, consider having a map or a GPS with you during your trip.
  • Power source – If your cabin doesn’t have a power source, consider taking a portable one with you. This is essential to charge your devices, power appliances and much more.
  • Flashlights and lamps – If you have access to light in your cabins, it’s still a good idea to bring flashlights and lamps in case of power outages or if you need extra light outside.
  • First aid kit – This is essential because you never know what accidents you might face during your trip. And since cabins are located in remote areas, your first aid kit is what will be your best friend in times of medical need.
  • Toiletries – Remember to bring toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toilet paper and so on.

Take away

Now you know the essential things you need in your cabin, you’ll surely have a comfortable stay every time! Also, remember to bring extras, simply for emergencies! Bring extra clothes you can leave in your cabin for next time like shirts, pyjamas, underwear, sportswear and even swimwear. Also, leave extra slippers, towels and anything you think you need to make your stay all the more comfortable.

You can also consider bringing entertainment! So pack your favourite board games, some cards, puzzles to do and even hobbies you’d like to continue doing during your trip like knitting, painting and so on. You can also journal or even bring your current reads. Or if you guys like music bring a guitar for jamming or portable speakers! 



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