FRLSH Cable: The Ultimate Copper Flexible Cable for Safety

Copper Flexible Cable

FR-LSH cable, also known as Flame-Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen cable. It is a copper flexible cable that offers enhanced safety and performance in electrical installations. Generally, it is designed to resist flame propagation. It emits low levels of smoke and reduces the release of toxic halogen gases in the event of a fire. This makes it ideal for applications where fire safety is crucial, such as commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and residential complexes. Its flexibility allows easy installation and routing, making it a reliable choice for various electrical wiring needs.

Key areas for utilizing the copper flexible cables, FR-LSH wires

Commercial Buildings: FR-LSH cables are crucial for safety in places like offices, shops, hotels, and public facilities. They help prevent fire from spreading and reduce smoke and toxic gas emissions.

  • In factories and warehouses, FR-LSH cables ensure reliable electrical connections and minimize fire risks.
  • Apartments, condos, and high-rise buildings use FR-LSH cables to meet safety standards and protect residents in case of a fire.
  • Schools and universities prioritize safety with FR-LSH cables, creating a secure environment for students and staff.
  • Hospitals and clinics rely on these copper flexible cables for uninterrupted power supply and fire safety in critical areas like operating rooms and labs.
  • FR-LSH cables are vital in trains, subways, and airports, ensuring passenger safety by reducing fire spread and toxic fumes during emergencies.

Features of Mescab’s FR-LSH cables

  • Color:

Mescab’s FR-LSH cables are famous for their outstanding fire safety features and their wide range of color options. Mescab offers these cables in vibrant colors like red, black, blue, yellow, green, and grey. These different colors make it easier to identify and fix connections, improving maintenance efficiency.

Whether you need to designate specific circuits or follow color-coding standards, Mescab’s FR-LSH cables provide both safety and convenience with their diverse color choices.

  • Insulation material:

The insulation material in FRLSH cables is a special protective layer that keeps the electrical conductors safe and prevents unwanted mishaps. It is carefully chosen to be flexible, allowing the cable to bend and move without damage. This insulation acts as a barrier, preventing electrical currents from escaping and causing accidents.

Additionally, it shields the conductors from external factors like moisture and dust, ensuring the cable’s reliability and durability. The insulation material is a key factor in making FRLSH cables safe for use in various applications, providing peace of mind and dependable performance in electrical systems.

Mescab’s FR-LSH cables are designed with a special type of insulation called FR-LSH PVC, which makes them extra safe in case of a fire. This insulation has excellent flame-retardant properties. This means it can resist the spread of fire and prevent it from moving along the cable.

If there is a fire, the FR-LSH PVC insulation significantly reduces the amount of smoke and harmful gases released. Therefore, making it safer for people and emergency responders.

  • Fire resistance material:

The fire resistance component in FRLSH cables is a crucial safety feature that helps prevent and control fires. These cables are designed with special materials and construction techniques that make them highly resistant to catching fire and significantly reduce the spread of flames.

In the event of a fire, FRLSH cables play a vital role in maintaining safety. Unlike regular cables, which might burn and contribute to the fire’s intensity, FRLSH cables are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures. When exposed to flames, they do not add fuel to the fire, but instead, they resist burning and minimize the production of smoke and toxic gases. This can be a lifesaver in critical situations, giving people more time to evacuate and helping first responders in their efforts to control the fire.

FRLSH cables are commonly used in places where fire safety is of paramount importance, such as residential buildings, commercial complexes, hospitals, schools, and public transportation systems. These cables ensure that essential electrical systems continue to function during emergencies, allowing emergency lights, communication systems, and fire alarms to operate effectively.

Due to their fire-resistant properties, FRLSH cables meet stringent safety standards set by regulatory bodies.

The fire resistance component in FRLSH cables is not just a feature; it is a critical safeguard that protects lives and property during fires. Its ability to withstand flames and control fire propagation makes FRLSH cables a vital choice for ensuring safety in various environments.

  • Shielding:

Do you know how sometimes your radio might have weird sounds? Shielding in FRLSH cables stops those strange sounds by blocking unwanted interference from messing with the cable’s signals. It’s like having a protector for your cable, making sure it works smoothly and safely without any disturbance from the electrical noise. So, with FRLSH cables, your devices can communicate clearly and stay free from annoying interruptions!

  • Temperature rating and thermal stability:

Mescab’s FR-LSH cables can handle high temperatures and provide excellent thermal stability. They have a temperature rating of 70 degrees Celsius, which means they can withstand elevated temperatures without any issues. Therefore these cables can maintain their performance and safety even in hot environments. The thermal stability of 80 minutes indicates that the cables can work effectively for a long time under such high temperatures. Mescab’s FR-LSH cables give you peace of mind by staying strong and functioning well, even in challenging thermal conditions.

  • Oxygen index:

Mescab’s FR-LSH cables have an impressive oxygen index rating of 29 min. This rating measures how easily a material can catch fire by indicating the minimum amount of oxygen needed for combustion. With a rating of 29 min, Mescab’s FR-LSH cables have excellent fire-retardant properties. This characteristic greatly reduces the risk of fire spreading. It makes Mescab’s FR-LSH cables a reliable choice for applications where fire safety is crucial. Additionally, the high oxygen index rating highlights Mescab’s commitment to providing products that prioritize safety and give you peace of mind.


Mescab is an industry leader in producing flexible multicore cable, offering a range of products suitable for various applications. Likewise they are proud to provide customers with reliable, high-quality cables to meet their needs. With their extensive experience manufacturing these cables, you can always trust us to deliver excellent results.



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