Buy Instagram Followers for Social Media Branding, Is it Effective?

buy Instagram followers

Some companies or marketing teams are still confused about the importance of buying followers for branding activities. Indeed, a large number of followers can have a huge influence on branding activities.

With a large number of followers, it will be easier for you to carry out branding activities, because later there will be lots of people who know about your activities through social media.

Even so, does buying followers really make branding activities more effective? Regarding this, we will answer it in full through an article about Buy Instagram followers Greece below.

Should You Buy Followers?

As we mentioned above, the number of followers has a big influence on branding activities through social media.

However, it’s a good idea for you to pay attention to any impacts that will occur before deciding to buy followers.

The decision to buy followers is not a good decision. Most likely the followers that have been purchased are inactive accounts or bot accounts. So, every memorable post that you upload is not directly able to provide great engagement, because the followers you buy are inactive followers.

When carrying out experimental activities by buying various bot accounts from service providers to buy followers, initially the increase in the number of followers was very large.

Based on the experiments conducted by Hootsuite, it’s a good idea to think carefully before you buy followers, especially for branding activities via social media.

This is because your branding activities will be ineffective if you convey promo messages to various bot accounts, which will also decrease in number slowly.

Reasons Not to Buy Followers

1. Getting Fake Followers

As we explained before, you will most likely only get fake followers or bot accounts when buying followers.

So what are the negative impacts? Based on Influencer Marketing, fake followers will not be involved in any post-branding activities that you have done with all your might.

When carrying out branding activities via social media, even though you expect followers to give comments or likes on the posts you upload in order to provide good engagement. However, you cannot get this from fake followers.

2. Can Destroy Brand Credibility

Apart from not getting engagement, buying followers will also reduce audience trust in your brand. Why? Your audience will realize that your large number of followers is the result of buying followers, not active followers.

So, in the future, there will be many audiences who do not believe in your brand and will switch to other brands.

3. Instagram Will Suspend Account

Using the service to buy followers is the same as violating the terms of service that have been made by Instagram. For this reason, your account has a high chance of being suspended by Instagram if you buy followers.

Why? Because Instagram will assume that you have committed fraud on their platform, so they are trying hard to suspend it. If this does happen, then you have to build your brand again from scratch and this takes a very long time.

4. Produces Nothing

When you don’t get engagement from fake followers, then automatically you won’t get anything from branding activities, including income turnover.

Why? Because the followers you buy are not active at all, so there will be no interest in buying the product or service you are selling.

Positive Impact of Buying Instagram Followers

Even though buying followers does have a negative impact, this activity is still being carried out because it still has a positive side. The following are the positive sides of Buy Instagram Followers Singapore.

1. Appear More Exist

Currently, some people still think that the number of Instagram followers is a measure of the success of a celebrity. Thus, many people are trying hard to create content so that it can go viral and be accepted by a large audience.

In fact, this existence will not be able to last long, because there will always be new celebgrams in every era that are more existent, cooler, and nice to look at.

2. Attract Organic Followers

Buying a large number of Instagram followers is indeed able to lure more people so they can follow activities more organically. Several celebrities did this method in the early days of the Instagram application, but now this method seems irrelevant.

Instead of buying inactive followers or bots, you can use these funds to create collaborative content with other celebrities, place ads for every memorable post, or you can use these funds to create content that is inspiring and able to help others, both in terms of entertainment and education.

Tips to Get Lots of Followers Without Buying

1. Consistently Post 3 Photos with the Same Theme

The first tip you can do to get lots of followers is to post 3 photos simultaneously and consistently with the same theme.

So, every time you want to post content, there will be several photos with the same object, but the pose is different. To make it more aesthetic, try to upload 3 content at the same time with the same theme and edits which of course have to be the same.

If you do it consistently, your Instagram appearance will get better and your audience will be happy to visit your account, which will eventually follow.

2. Consistent in Applying Tone Edits

If you are consistent in posting 3 photos at once, then you must also be consistent in using the same tone in each content post.

Try not to change content, such as from a monochrome tone to an overexposure tone. If you do it occasionally and parallel it probably won’t be a problem.

But if the tone of your edits is different with an inconsistent position. Then you won’t be able to get many followers. They will be lazy to visit your Instagram page.

3. Post Interesting and Consistent Content

This is very important to do if you want to get lots of followers without buying followers. Why? Because if your post is not interesting and looks random, then the audience will have a problem with it.

For that, you have to determine what you want to post on your Instagram account. Not all photos you can post.

For example, if you only want to post OOTD photos, food photos, or landscape photos. It’s a good idea to mix it up, but with the same edited tone so it can still look aesthetic.

4. Lock Your Instagram Account Occasionally

Opening and closing account locks are said to be able to attract new followers organically. Whether you realize it or not. For this reason, if you have consistently posted content and many people are interested in your content. Then you can lock your account occasionally.

So, if there are new followers who want to see your content, they must first follow you to get permission.

5. Don’t hesitate to tag famous accounts on Instagram

If you have started to be consistent with what you want to post, then don’t hesitate to mark accounts that are already well-known.

If you regularly tag them in each of your best posts. Then these well-known accounts will most likely repost your content or feature your account if they deserve it. So, you will be more famous and your followers will slowly increase.


Thus our complete explanation about buying followers. So in essence, you have to think carefully about the negative and positive impacts that will happen to your account if you buy followers.

Some of the negative impacts of buying followers are getting fake followers. It can destroy brand credibility, Instagram will suspend your account, and produce nothing. Meanwhile, the positive impact can only be seen to exist more and attract organic followers.

So, the negative impact is greater than the positive impact. For this reason, we recommend allocating funds to buy followers to create more interesting content, place advertisements, or create collaborative content with celeb grams.

But of course, these funds must be budgeted properly and accurately, and recorded in the company’s financial statements. Thus, the company’s cash flow can be monitored properly.

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